Monday, March 3, 2008

Elephant rides, or ears???

Last fall we all went to the South Carolina State Fair with my Dad. Mom graciously offered to stay home with Crockett. We all had a really wonderful time, and made lots of memories! It was such a beautiful day, and the boys were so sweet, letting the girls dictate their every move. I think my Dad was amazed at what humiliation they endured for their little sisters. They even both rode the Caterpillar because the girls begged them! Grandpa won Haven a stuffed animal at "guess my age booth", (he always wins because he is such a young 75 years). The girls road Karen the elephant, and fed the animals at the petting area. ElizaJane fell asleep sitting on my feet while we watched the "big" kids ride one of the scarier contraptions, and later experienced cotton candy for the first time and rubbed it in Dakota's newly shaved head while he was giving her a ride on his shoulders. ( She just loves the way his head feels, and can't keep her hands off it when she gets the chance to reach it.) We played until the sun went down then headed home with fresh and toasty "elephant ears" to share with Grandma at home. I wanted to capture the fun of that day, so I made this mini book. Fun memories!