Sunday, November 30, 2008

Change your Mindset

This is the last day of November, and thus, the last day for our thankfulness game. I want to thank all that have participated in my little experiment. I have loved hearing what you are grateful for, and I have been greatly encouraged by all you have shared! The lists I have posted each day have been a helpful reminder of all I have to be grateful for, and listing them has served to set my thoughts on things above, and not on things of this earth. All that we have, has been given to us by our beloved Lord and Savior, as our Bibles tell us that "every good and perfect gift comes from above". Each of us, no matter our circumstances, can find things that we count as blessings in our lives, and to dwell on them, brings satisfaction! So although our game is coming to a close, I encourage you to continue to:

Count your blessings,

Name them one by one,

Count your many blessings, see what God has done,

and watch Him change your mindset !

So here today, on the last day of our little game, I am grateful for:

- This blog, and the encouragement it brings me

- Those who have visited, and expressed their thankfulness

- The ability (given by God) to count my blessings in the midst of heartache

- The mindset change

- The fact that a month of writing down the things I am thankful for, doesn't even scratch the surface!

What is it you are grateful for?

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy anniversary Sweetheart

Today I am grateful for:
- The 25 years I've known my favorite person
- The 22 years of marriage I've had to my favorite person
- The 5 children I've had with my favorite person
- The six cities I've lived in with my favorite person
- The hope that I have, that I will spend eternity with my favorite person

What are you grateful for?

Friday, November 28, 2008

wonderful Turkey day memories

HHHHoooooeeeeeyyyyy, I am tuckered out y'all!!!! No black Friday for me! I went to bed early, and slept late, and still don't feel rested! yesterday was great fun, having the Family at my house this year was a special treat, although we dearly missed some that were not able to attend!

Tuesday night I made this tablecloth.

There was just enough fabric to cover the children's table

Wednesday night I made these "placeholder" cookies.

My Mom made these!

I was up bright and early on Thanksgiving making these,

and lots of other yummies!!

It was a day of reconnecting,


wing span comparing,


some reminiscing,


wii playing, and ping pong championships. I believe Dakota prevailed there.

not to mention eating, eating, and eating some more. Then there was the eating, and a little eating.

Oh, I forgot the eating!

Then there was more snuggling,

and we rounded out the day with some more giggling.

I hope your day was as fun as ours, and to all those loved ones who couldn't make it, you were very missed!

so, today I am grateful for:

- extended family

- Turkey day, and a whole month to concentrate on Thankfulness

- good traveling weather for all those out on the roads

- The opportunity to hear my Dad pray on Thanksgiving, one more year.

- a day of rest

What are you thankful for?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Basking in Encouragement

Do you ever feel so stretched, that you don't feel like you could accomplish even one more thing in your day and yet the list never runs out?
I used to be a list maker, and truth be told, I still am, but I don't usually make lists of what I need to get done in a given day anymore. Why you ask inquisitively. Well, let me tell you.
that's right my friends, to do lists are discouraging!!! Sometimes only a few of the 15 things get scratched off, and yet I have worked hard all day. That reality leaves me feeling deflated and sad.
I have found another way, and I am going to share it with you, because I am a kind and generous it is, are you ready?... This is big, brace yourself, .......
I make an already did list!
No really, I do. I make a list at the end of the day of all that I did, and it is oh so encouraging, and I am all about encouragement! I include on my already did list, things that I don't include on a to do list, things that are important, and take up my time, but never get to be crossed off, for example: cuddled my 4 year old, listened to a story my 16 year old wanted to tell me, comforted my 9 year old after a nasty spill down the stairs, watched the pretty bird outside act funny, helped Haven re thread her needle 23 times, change the baby dolls clothes 52 times, answered the phone, comforted a friend, prayed for a sick child, swept up the cocoa puffs, wiped a nose, put on a band aid, cut an apple, tied a shoe, listened to a child sing , hugged, smiled at, helped, gave, smelled, taught, encouraged, tasted, cared, played, read, nurtured, nourished, disciplined, admonished, get the picture! We all do a lot, and we are often so hard on ourselves when we can't accomplish all the things we think we should, but we forget all that we do along the way.
Try it tonight, make an already did list, and guess what, you don't have to cross off anything, cuz it's already done! Then, bask in the wonder of encouragement, and thank your maker for giving you the strength to do it all! It works for me, and you can find lots of other things that work for a lot of other cool people over here!

Now join me for this months thankfulness game

On this, the day before Thanksgiving, what are you grateful for?

Today I am grateful for:
- The fact that tomorrow is almost here!
- The chance for part of my family to come to celebrate with us.
- A big piece of gingham I found for my Thanksgiving tablecloth
- The crisp air outside
- The chance to be grateful

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Looking Forward

Looking forward to this sweet potato souffle' again this year, it is yum yummy. Walmart was out of sweet potatoes today...I'll try Publix tomorrow, can't use that dreaded canned stuff for this yummyness.

More then the food, I am looking forward to seeing family. We don't get to be together nearly enough, and after this tough year, it is going to be like a drink of cool water!

What is it you are looking forward to?

Let's play the thankful game

Today I am grateful for:

- The fast relation of prayer requests, and answers, via Internet
- Serving a God who is always faithful, and never changing
- As 'Joy Cometh in the Morning' said, food on the table, gas in the car, and a roof over our heads
- A tax refund, woo hoo
- Cheerful people that waited on me yesterday when I was on my errands

Monday, November 24, 2008

She's got handles, Sonic's drinks, and a little girl who needs prayer

Could you pray for a 5 year old little girl named Katie today? She was just adopted, and brought here from China a few short weeks ago, and today, she is having extremely serious heart surgery. Her ability to communicate is very limited, and I am sure she is afraid. I recently met her Mom who is an absolute dynamo! Her name is Kim. Please pray for the surgeons, and medical staff, that they will be skilled, as well as compassionate. Pray for full recovery for Katie, and for peace for her new forever family! Thank you!
Here she is, finished, and in her new home. Whattaya think?
These handles weren't what I had envisioned, but at least I found some that fit! Target, can you believe it? No one else had anything close!

Here is the lamp I redid, another one of my smelly store finds. I think it was $6.00. I was going to replace the shade, but then I saw some painted shades at a store, and I thought I would try. First I took out the plastic liner. Remember, it was cracked. Then those ugly sequins and beads. Then I just painted right on the silk fabric. You can't really tell, but it is white and brown striped. the stripes are supposed to be imperfect, and running into each other. I am pleased with how it turned out.

I thought I would share some other shots, of her surroundings.

This is my A collection

And here my sweet Australian cyber friend Lisa, is a Sonic Route 44! They come in all flavors, including my favorites: Cranberry slushie, watermelon Coke, and Lemon berry slushie (on those really Hot days, yum yum!) Lately I have just been getting Coke, but I always feel so boring when I do that! They are mucho big, and they come in a really nice styro non biodegradable cup that stays cold, and doesn't sweat all over. I can hardly pass a sonic without pulling in. Sonic by the way is a drive in/thru fast food restaurant. You can pull up, and order like an old 50's diner. the wait staff deliver your food to your window on roller skates. Not your food, the wait staff, on roller skates I mean. LOL!!! I'm not crazy for their food, but their drink choices are almost limitless!

Next to my yummy drink, is my best friend, when he was but a boy, before I had even met him. He was probably taking some other girl to the drive in then, but that's okay, cuz I snagged him, and boy am I sure glad I did!!

Let's play the November thankful game again!
Today I am grateful for:
- Our foreign blogging friends, (who don't have Sonic, poor things)!
- My Thanksgiving plans, can't wait!!!
- My children's love for reading.
- My heavenly Father, who is a husband to the husbandless, and a Father to the Fatherless
- The fact that, He knows my name, He knows my every thought, He sees each tear that falls, and hears me when I call!

What are you grateful for today????

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Today I am grateful for:

- Sonic Route 44s
- The fact that I can laugh in the face of Christmas craziness, because I am almost already done!
- The handles I found for my "new" desk today (pictures soon)
- Target, nuf said
- The assurance that if we know the Lord, we will one day be with him, and that those who go before us, who know him also, will be waiting for us when we arrive.

What are you grateful for?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

For the month of November , I have been making a list daily, of the things I am grateful for. It has not only been encouraging, but also enlightening. It has made me more grateful overall, as I have been more thoughtful and contemplative about my life, and all that I have that is good. It has also been great to hear from others, and what it is they are grateful for.

so here we go........

Today I am grateful for:

- Christian music
- My cheap little faithful sewing machine
- E-mail, so much better then the old fashioned phone!
- Rosy cheeked little kids, who smell like outside
- My freshly organized pantry, ready for all the holiday ingredients to arrive.

What is it that you are grateful for today? Please share!

Friday, November 21, 2008

camera case tutorial

I mentioned earlier in the week that I was the happy recipient of a brand spankin new PINK Sony Cybershot!! I requested for my birthday, a camera that I could toss in my bag, and take along where ever life might take me. I LOVE my Nikon D80, and no disrespect to her, after all, she does make me look like I actually know sumpin bout photography, but she is a bit on the
impractical, and lets just say it like it is folks, (whispers) she is a bit hefty!
That being said, my new Miss Priss, could not endure the pit of despair (otherwise known as my purse) without a bit of protection. I said to myself, "self, let us make a cover for said Priss Pot".
I have been collecting 100% wool sweaters of late. And, can I just say, that is not an easy thing to do down here in the heart of sand, surf, and sunshine. I have been collecting them for another project, yet to be revealed, well, several projects!
anyhoooooo, I was looking around for something cushy to protect my new pink purse pal, when it came to me! Felted wool is cushy, felted wool is cute, felted wool protects, felted wool people....I am all over it, and in all of 15 minutes tops, (not including taking all these fab photos) I have, what I think is a totally wicked camera case! That might be a slight over statement!
Lets get started SHALL we????

Shrink a wool sweater using HOT water and a HOT dryer!

Cut off a sleeve (the neck is for a different project, ignore that!)

Sew down the middle.

Cut slits down the sides....remember, felted wool doesn't fray, that's the beauty of it!

Sew on a looped piece of elastic that fits snuggly around your camera.

Sew down the edges on the elastic sides.
The scissors are just there to hold down the other side so you can see.

Fold over the cuff.

This is what it looks like on the back side, nice and secure.

This is what it looks like with the camera in it.
Fold in one side.

Wrap the elastic strap around it.

Embellish it with a yo yo and button, or whatever you have that is cute!
I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, and I hope you will try it.
Now, let's play our November thankful game, please join in. We only have 10 more days to go!
Today I am grateful for:
- My sewing machine
- My families encouragement
- Kartwright's flag football, and the enjoyment he gets from it
- Hide and seek in the dark last night
- Frozen biscuits (i just can't make them that good)
What is it you are thankful for today? Please share!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

funniest card award

The funniest birthday card award for this year, goes to.....drum roll please,


for this Star trek edition

The front says:

"Analysis, Spock.

If all the candles on that cake were to be lit simultaneously....

And the inside says....audibly says.....


The written words say, "have a safe and happy birthday."

and as if that was not enough humiliation for my second born son of my womb to heap on the very head of his endearing, albeit aging mother, he writes:

"hey momma you have just been such a great freind, mentor, teacher, and momma. I can't tell you how much I enjoy our long talks, and discusions. (although my spelling is bad, you might have been able to do better with that!) Love Kartwright"

I should have done better with the hand writing also apparently!

Ya gotta love that boy!!

Now, for my thankfuls of the day, please join in!

Today I am grateful for:
- Kartwright, his sense of humor, and that he lives in the age of computers, where he can compensate for his hand writing!
- Little girls that play "beauty parlour" with stuffed otters and various other fluffy fake beasts in the family room.
- Yummy creamy corn chowder on a very cold night last night
- My new pink birthday Sony cybershot - love it!!!
- That there are so very many things to be grateful for in this crazy mixed up world we live in

What are you grateful for today?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Curing the "blues"

I have discovered the secret to beating "the blues", you know, those days when there seems to be a dark cloud over your head, and you are tempted to either snap at the ones you love, or the slightest kind word can reduce you to tears.

When everything in you wants to eat a bowl of your favorite comfort food, or cover your head in a sea of downy soft covers, or wallow in self pity and what if's, or lie on the sofa and watch hours of mindless TV, or whine at someone else about how easy so and so has it, or whatever worthless activity comes to mind when you feel "yucky", do the last thing you want to do.


That's right, do the next thing that needs to be done. It will be hard, but trust me. When that thing is done, then do the next thing, and that won't be quite as hard. Then do the next thing, and you will begin to feel a change. Then do the next thing, and the next thing, and guess what, the feeling will lift, and the cloud will dissipate, and you will be glad that not only do you feel better, but a lot of things got done!! It works for me!

Doing the next thing can prevent a bad moment from turning into a bad morning, and a bad morning from turning into a bad day, and a bad day from turning into a bad week.....and so on and so forth, you get the picture.

Oh, and a little one on one time with your maker helps too, and a good cry doesn't hurt either. That also works for me, but then, do the next thing!

This little tip is part of the Works For Me Wednesday part of Rocks in My Dryer. Jump over there and find more tips, that work for others!

Our November thankful game works for me too, please join us by sharing what you are thankful for today! Hey, It's the next thing!

Today I am grateful for:
- Veggie Tales
- That my high schooler doesn't need my help for his pre-trig
- That my college boy will be home next week for Thanksgiving
- That cold weather doesn't last forever here
- Memories of happy times, and the chance to make more

What are you grateful for?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

swap goodies

My partner for the Sisters' Shoebox Swap for Fall, was Michelle from Room to Bloom. Thank You Michelle for all the goodies! Michelle is a fellow scrapbooker, and in addition to some scrapping goodness, she also made me a very cute mini book, just waiting for photos and journaling to make it mine. Great job Michelle!!! She also included some votive candles that smell super festive, as well as some pumpkin stickers, a mother's prayer book, yummy smelling round canister candle (that angel you see), a rubber stamp, some polka dot fabric, and some beautiful hand stamped note cards, with the cutest little owls you've ever seen! My favorite thing she sent, was the pastel striped A. I added a bit of cute ribbon, and it is now at home with my collection of A's. Thank you so much Michelle!! If you bounce on over to Michelle's blog, you can see what I sent her! I hope so any way, I haven't heard from her, so I hope it arrived safely.

This swap was sponsored by Monica, at The Homespun Heart, and Carrie over at With all that I've been given. I hope you will visit them as well.

Now for Our November Thankful game, if you are new to this blog, please join in. We are simply listing those things we are thankful for this day, on each day of November. This exercise has been so good for me. It has made me so very thoughtful every day for those things I am grateful for. Soooo, what are you grateful for??

Today I am grateful for:

- swap goodness

- the friends I am making with this blog

- The twin size (teee hee) heating blanket I received as a birthday present from ElizaJane, that made climbing into bed a delightful experience last night.

- The limitless encouragement I receive from my husband

- The baby boys growing inside both Michael's little sis Jennifer, and my niece, Hannah, due to arrive just one month apart, and the honor it is to pray for their new lives everyday even before they are born!

By the way,

Michelle, I love your idea about the burlap on the ceiling!!! I once covered the lower part of my red dining room with batting and then fabric, everyone doubted, but they loved it in the end! Go with your instincts!

Monica, I can't picture the Lincoln log tree, but it sounds like an incredibly cute idea! Please let us know if you do it, and how it turns out if you do!

Ginger, boy I read you wrong in the cold department didn't I? Shame on you for not going to the beach girl, do you know how many people would give their right arm, to live at the beach??

Everybody check out Buzzings of a Queen bees blog, and you will see why she likes my faucets from my bathtub fear post!!!! too funny!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to Crockett Davis

Happy 13th Birthday sweet Crockie, We miss you terribly, I miss you terribly. I feel selfish to want you back here in this painful world full of seizures, and crooked backs, and throw-up, and hurt, doctors, medicine, and therapy, but the good times, the funny times, the learning, and the smiles, and the way you talked even when you couldn't, those are the things I miss, and those are the things that made up for all the pain! I would give anything, to hold your soft, warm hand one more time, and to scratch your head and hear you laugh, to see you rock back and forth in your chair, and hear you squeal in delight at the sounds of your siblings, to feel you run your hands over my face and see that little grin poke through, to hear you kick the furniture so hard that we have to move you, to experience your sweet smiles in the morning, and your angry screams when you wanted out of your chair.

I am so very grateful Crockett, for all that pain you went through, for all that we learned because you did, and all that we gained because you lived. This world did not see your worth little boy, but we did, I did!

You taught us to love unconditionally, by example.

You taught us to have compassion, not pity.

You taught us to trust God, no matter how hard life got

You taught us how strong we could be, and how far we could stretch

You brought us to homeschooling, and a change of lifestyle.

You taught us what was truly important.

You taught us to love sacrificially.

You revealed to us how thoughtless and mean people can be with their words, and how to forgive.

You revealed just how much Grandpa and Grandma loved Mama, by how much they loved you.

You revealed how detrimental a fear of the future is.

You revealed how helpful and compassionate young boys can be.

You taught me to be grateful for the pain, as it is then that I grow.

You continue to teach me, even in your death.

And you taught it all without a word!

I don't know why it was you, that had to teach us all that, or why God chose us to teach it to, but I sure am glad He did. I am a better person because you lived my sweet Crockett, and I feel so honored that I was able to care for you for the 12 years, that you were on this earth.

You were sent here for the same reason we all are, and that was to glorify your heavenly Father, and I do believe that you did that well son. You did that very well! i love you Crockett my son, and I miss you. I believe you are free from all the pain now, and enjoying your mansion in the sky. We look forward to the day when we will see you again!

For all of this I am so grateful today.
Tell me, what are you grateful for?