Monday, April 30, 2012

Quick trip full of fun


This past weekend we made a quick trip to Charleston South Carolina, our former stomping grounds, to see these two beautiful people tie the knot.

While in Charleston we took in some of the cities history at the slave market. This lady is one of many that sit near roadside and make really fantastic sweet grass baskets. The art form goes way back to slave trade days, and today they make very expensive sought after souvenirs for Charlestons visitors.

We also had the privilege of meeting this little chub while we were there as well. He is our latest nephew, Watson .

Michael actually controlled himself, and did not throw him in the air. I could tell he really wanted to, but refrained, to save Watson's new Momma from sure heart failure! I was proud of my man's extreme self control!
Watson LOVED Haven, just as babies always do!

He was VERY about this frozen teething ring, just couldn't get enough of it! So cute!

So it was a quick trip up the road on Saturday to enjoy the nuptials, a bit of play time on Sunday, and then the trip back home to our pretty Island Sunday evening. It was a fantastic trip full of family, fun, and lots of memory making, but we were all glad to be Home Sweet Home.
Funny how no matter where you are, Home is were you want to end up.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Jewelsy was born into our family almost 12 years ago. And he is very much a part of our routine.

He hates when the girls are doing their school work, and not giving him attention in the morning. He tries to sit as close as he can.

He is an old cat, but can still be playful at times, usually all the wrong times!

The more she tugs, the more he thinks she is playing.
Every time she moves he attacks.

An old fat attack cat,
but he is our old fat attack cat,
and we love him.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

biking memories

One of my favorite ways to add miles to my April goal has been to bike around this pretty Island. It is really peaceful when I am alone, and when the girls come it is fun to explore new trails, but when Daddy comes it is really fun, because he already knows all the best places to go.

This golf hole is a peninsula, and just made for a great evening resting place after a good ride.

The views were incredible from every vantage point. God's handiwork is so amazing.

I love that my girls are getting to experience this.

We ran into some really cute bunnies on our way back to the bikes too. The wildlife is unbelievably tame around the golf course!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Falling, only to rise to the top again

It starts on his shoulders.

Then he taps her foot, and that means...
put this foot in my hand.

Then the other one.
Look at that concentration!

Then it is really balancing time.
See the father and daughter in the back ground?
She is saying
"please dad, please, why can't you do that?"
He is thinking
I wish I was as cool of a dad as that guy!

Oh no, her concentration has been thwarted!

Her demise is sure,
and her fall is swift.

A fall is only an excuse to rise to the top again,
and she will, at least 37 more times!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

WOW, has a week actually gone by???

So sorry it has been so quiet around here, I don’t know what happened?? all of the sudden it was Sunday again!!
So here are some random thoughts on last week.

Last Sunday we went to the beach. This has become our new routine for Sundays. Church, early service, love the early service, and LOVE our church. We worship, we learn, we fellowship, it’s good! We go home and eat something simple…leftovers, sandwiches, whatever happened to find itself in the crock pot that morning, simple. We hit the beach, or the pool that is on the beach, and we continue our worship, as we marvel over God’s unbelievable creativity! Natives tell us that we will soon tire of the beach, but I’m not thinking that will happen any time soon, LOVE IT!

Monday was pretty much uneventful, sunburn, school, basic Monday!

Tuesday, girls had swimming, and my friend Alicia did her best to kill me on a 3 mile walk. Oh my goodness, we were busting it! It wouldn’t be so bad accept she is 4 months expecting, and pushing a baby carriage! I secretly hate her, not really, I love her, but kinda I hate her.
That was my only mileage for the week, yeah, I know. So, I haven’t been recording much, because I haven't been blogging much, but I now have a grand total of 42 miles. I only have 9 days left to reach my 100 mark goal for April! that is an average of about 6.5 miles per day, but I’m not giving up!
So, can anyone tell me where April went?

Wednesday we made yummy cookies. Basic chocolate chip cookie recipe. By the way, if you have trouble with your cookies spreading out, like I used to, try using real butter (not margarine), and using it straight out of the fridge, also you can up the flour content. I used both tricks, and beautiful cookies came out of the oven.

I had my hair done. UGHHHH, apparently when I said brunette it sounded like Elvira-ish, and when I said subtle highlights, she mistakenly heard Cruella Deville look alike???
I cried, I did. I am embarressed, but I cried!
I haven’t cried over hair in like forever, because, well because it’s just hair right?? But sometimes when something goes wrong like hair, every other little thing you have been hurting over seems to bubble up, and apparently I just needed a really good all purpose cry fest.
I smiled at Julia (evil hairdresser) and politely hinted that it was a tad dark, Paid her way more than she deserved, and even tipped her, cuz I'm nice like that, and I walked to the car, and texted Michael. He didn’t answer. I drove to Winn Dixie, and texted my friend, she didn’t answer. I texted my daughter in love, she didn’t answer and I remembered that she and Dakota were out of town. I texted Kartwright (who, I ask you, texts their 19 year old son when she is in hair crisis??) he didn’t answer. “Well”, I said, “Lord, it’s just you and me in the Winn Dixie parking lot, let the water works begin.” And, they did! Then Kartwright texted back and he said he always kinda liked Cruella, and that made me laugh, and Maria texted back and commiserated over stylists that don’t listen, and offered to fix it even though she was like a 1000 miles away, sweet girl. So, that was Wednesday.

Oh, and speaking of Glenn Close (Cruella Deville) she was terrific in The Sarah Plain and Tall series, prettier too I might add. I mentioned those movies the other day to some friends, and they had never seen them! NEVER SEEN THEM??? I yelled!!  I didn't really yell, cuz they are new friends, and I am trying my best not to scare them! have you seen them, the movies, not my new friends?? You MUST see them, they are terrific! So, heads up if you haven't seen them, DO!

Thursday, swimming again, then school, then I cleaned all day because small group was at our house this week. (small groups from our kinda big church, get together, to better connect with people) My house was already clean, but there is just something in me that says you must clean if people are coming. I have issues, I know, and bad hair!
Small group was fun, and crazy! Five families were represented and one was a single man, and we had 15 children! I know. It was really fun though. Boy was I glad I cleaned Smile! (insert sarcasm) Not one person mentioned my hair. Well, what would you say if you showed up at someones house, and your hostess had Cruella hair?? On second thought I think I can stop worrying about scaring my new friends!

Friday the teacher called off regular school, and declared it craft day. That was fun, and I told them it was because I thought they needed a break, but we all know who really needed one.

Then we had appointments for both Diana the princess of Wales, and Jewels the cat at the vet. Diana was just supposed to get her rabies so she could be cleared at petco for her summer cut. Jewels had an unfortunate skirmish with some other creature and has a significant wound on his side. 300 dollars later we find out Jewels is infected, and Diana has heart worms. Not a good day for the pets, or for us! Now Jewels has a shaved circle on his side with a red wound in the middle (hope no one mistakes it for a bulls eye), and Diana is soon facing some extensive, and might I add expensive, treatment.

The day was finished with pizza, and THIS movie.

Saturday Haven and I went thrifting and I found a few pairs of pants, and she found a super cute brand new dress. I didn’t get a pic, but I will. Liza and Daddy stayed home and did a little yard upkeep (aka, leaf wrangling). Michael says he is beginning to re think his love of Live Oak trees. I said “bite your tongue!!”.

Speaking of trees, we have gotten wind that they (the people) are going to cut down a HUGE oak tree that resides in our back yard because it doesn’t allow enough sunlight to keep the green, green (a golf course). I guess technically it is their tree cuz it is kinda on the golf course, and it isn’t even really our yard cuz we sorta rent, but still. So there you have it, Happy Earth day, see ya 1000 year old cool tree. SAD! That picture isn’t thee tree, but I don’t have a picture of her, she is behind that one, last in the line I believe.
When I call it a her it makes you sadder doesn’t it?? It does me! Her name is Hazel. I know… I will stop now.

We may or may not have a plan that involves an airsoft gun when they come to cut her down.

Now we are back to Sunday, and my week has been literally as exciting as this blog post. Here’s to another week, Thank you Lord!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Field day, home style

Friday was field day for our home school group.  It was our first field day with our new home town. I couldn’t help but notice some peculiarities in this group, differences one might not experience in some Field days.


The parents and former students (older siblings) planned, organized, and directed the days events with a smile.


They also cheered the students on regardless of how well they did.


The children also cheered one another, and genuinely wanted each other to do well.


Boys of all shapes, sizes and colors waited patiently for their turns.


There were lots of smiling baby wearing moms.


Pretty girls in pretty pillow cases lined up for fun.


Young children helped even younger children have fun.


There was healthy competition were there were clear winners, and other competitions were just for fun.


There was only one poor sad girl(doesn't she look sad?) in the 11-12 year old group, but she didn’t seem to mind, and she beat all the boys in the jump rope, and the golf ball putting contests!


There were lots of 7-8 year old girls, but they didn’t seem to mind waiting for their turn.


Sisters held hands after a long hard day full of lots of fun!

Friday, April 13, 2012

He can't help it

He can't help it.
Don't let him hold your babies ladies,
if you don't want them to soar to new hights.
Thank goodness baby Ryder Loves it.

six more miles down, 85 to go to make my goal of 100 in April.
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Heaven's anesthesia

Today marks 4 years since our son Crockett received full healing and went home to heaven. I am re posting this piece I wrote last year, as it still speaks my heart. I hope that if you have ever lost someone you love, it speaks to yours.

I felt it down low, almost in a place far below my soul. That slow brewing emotion that I keep hidden almost always, not because I am ashamed, or fearful of feeling the gnawing, but because life must go on, children eat and play, friends expect, strangers presume, and weeping just isn't living. Not always, only in quiet alone moments when vanilla scent brings up flashes of remembrance of his Pediasure diet, or the high squeal of a far away drill on wood conjures images of his uncontrollable giggles, or just a heaviness of soul longing weighs on my chest and I escape to an alone car, the shower, the basement, anywhere to feel, and wish, and regret, and weep, because a mothers heart misses a sons sound and presence. But this time, this time at bible study, with no one even suspecting the battle I was fighting in that back row booth, I could not stab it dead, freeze it quiet, it was brewing, slowly coming to the surface. I could almost hear it's groan as it passed the diaphragm gate, and entered my throat. I warred with the burning, defying it to surface, begging it to wait until we were alone, and the flood gates opened, and my sitting was now walking, then running, to the safety of the restroom, and then the tears were pouring, and the sound was escaping and I wept, and won only the battle to not scream that guttural death moan my body hoped to let out. My control was defeated, the weeping won, and I too, as the release was cathartic and cleansing, and mascara trails marked the way to peace.

Weeping is heaven's anesthesia.

I know he speaks theology with Spurgeon now before audiences of angels, and dances with David and grandma Dee before the throne. He and John Calvin laugh together at the audacity of earthlings claiming to understand the intricacies of predestination and foreknowledge. The 12 year old earth suit he wore here no longer restrains his ability to think or move or see. He is perfect. He is not present in that filthy grave, with the sweet soft body that contained him once, and It is not for him that I weep. It is so much more than grief that fuels that soul groan, so much more than pain or sorrow, although those too are very present. It is the knowing that God's plan was best, that He is sufficient, that His ways are not my ways, and being so very grateful. It is in the making and receiving of tender memories that my savior so lovingly weaved in and around my boy's life, that grow me to Him, grafted to Him more purely, all because of the gift of one small broken male child with soft warm hands and deep brown eyes. It is because this is not my home, this beautiful place full of flowering dogwoods and azure blue skies, this is not it, and someday I will be with him, and.......with Him. And there, there will be no more pain, and no more tears.

No more tears? I ask Him in disbelief, but I NEED to weep. I like to cry, sometimes it helps Lord, No more tears? And in His most gentle of voices, calming and assuring He reminds me that no more tears, holds firm hands with no more pain. No more feeling inadequate, no more voices of you're not good enough, thin enough, smart enough, anything enough. No more striving for perfection with your home, your meals, your clothing, your children. No more fear, fear of the future, of loosing someone else, of being alone. No more being overwhelmed, no more guilt, no more hurt, no more regret, no more harsh words, no more abuse, no more hurt feelings, no more anger, no more unmet expectations, no more loss, no more sorrow.

No more tears, He will wipe them all away.
We won't NEED them any more.

He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.
Rev. 21:4

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter then and now

From our ancestors who never smiled,
we hope your Easter was great!

And from our family to yours,
may all your Easters be Joyous!

Sunday, April 8, 2012


There's a pretty little legend
That I would like to tell
Of the birth and death of Jesus
Found in this lowly shell

If you examine closely,
You'll see that you find here
Four nail holes and a fifth one
Made by a Roman's Spear.

On one side the Easter Lily,
Its center is the star
That appeared unto the shepherds
And led them from afar.

The Christmas poinsettia
Etched on the other side
Reminds us of His birthday
Our Happy Christmastide.

Now break the centre open
And here you will release
The five white doves awaiting
To spread Good Will and Peace.

This simple little symbol,
Christ left for you and me
To help us spread his Gospel
Through all eternity.

Happy Easter Sunday
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