Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A day off

A day off
a day to play
hang the baby quilts
make a fort
play for hours
have fun
A day off

Monday, March 8, 2010

the doll part II

by Haven Dorothy
age 10

for part I go here
The six year old's name was Charlotte. Charlotte was very scrawny from the very little food she ate. She had black hair, and blue eyes, and big swells under her eyes from the very little sleep she got. She had the tiniest nose, and perfectly perfect lips. Charlotte didn't have a mirror to know exactly what she looked like, but she knew she wasn't pretty, by her reflection in the dishwater. She dreamed she was lovely though, as lovely as Queen Victoria, who was very appealing. Charlotte thought she would like to be as elegant as Queen Victoria, but not act like her, because she was very mean. The Queen made all the maids get up very early, and not go to bed until very late. It was very tiring.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

butterfly love

And I am sure of this,
that he who began a good work in you
will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.
The Holy Bible
English Standard Version
Paul in a letter to the Philippians chapter 2:6

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sparkle-y tennies

She fell in love.
I relented.
Aside from the obvious tackiness
I think they are kinda, super cute!
And, she fell in love.

Who wouldn't want sparkle-y tennies?

Friday, March 5, 2010

Pretty stone chapel

When Michael and I were recently exploring the woods of Callaway gardens, we came upon this sweet little stone chapel, tucked away in the trees.

Although the tower was tall, it was dwarfed by the tall trees that surrounded it, and the attached church. I noticed immediately that there were stained glass windows, and thought to myself, what a shame that no light can get through those beautiful windows!

Then we walked through the front doors, and I think I could hear the angels singing, it was so illuminated! I can not even tell you how fantastic the colors that bounced off the floors and walls of this precious place were. It was amazing!

Here is a close up of one of the windows, it was truly remarkable the craftsmanship that these windows had!

I especially loved this one. see all the dogwood blooms?

ooooooooh, and this one, so unusual!

And this one was all acorny just like our stay at The Callaway lodge!

Here is a shot from the front looking to the back. Each of the four windows on the right represents a different season! The colors were from every spectrum, so cool! And look at those cool stone pillars, and the beams. I wish I could take you all there!

This was the altar, so there was ginormous, beautified glass, in front and behind!

When you walked out you were met with this scene! Can't you just imagine it in the fall, or the spring, with all the natural colors? What a beautiful serene spot!

And, just around the corner, this sweet water fall.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

1979 and in love

I don't know if carving your initials in a tree is vandalism, but this couple is going on 31years since they carved theirs. I hope they are still together. This tree in the middle of Callaway Gardens, outside a sweet stone chapel, was covered with initials, and loving sentiments, from several years. This heart was too high to reach, so it was most likely carved when the tree was much smaller. Isn't it cool?

Have you ever carved your initials, or name in a tree?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Michael and I recently spent a few nights at the beautiful Callaway Gardens Lodge and spa. It was a very much needed chance to regroup, reconnect, cry, pray, grieve, reflect, and talk about what the Lord has for us in both the near future, and in the years ahead. It was good to spend so much uninterrupted time with my best friend.

I was catching on to the acornish vibe at the spa, and was loving it. I love a subtle theme, a thread that runs through an entire decor, but doesn't scream at you. It made me think about subtle themes.

I don't think my home really has a theme, although I guess as we age, and collect things we love, then the subtle theme of our homes might actually become ourselves, and the things that inspire or speak to who we are, and what we enjoy. But there is always that rogue item that seems to disrupt the subtle theme. The bright blue and green seat covers of a few of my dinning chairs would fit there for me. They are tacky, and old, and tattered. They do not "speak" to me, although on second thought, they may speak about me. tee hee. The point is, I don't want my home to be defined by the distracting unappealing items that seem to hang their hats, and get comfortable in my space. The things I can not avoid, but seem to scream at me we are ugly, you own us, we will always be a part of this home, you will never fix us. We define you.

That brought my mind to the subtle themes of our lives. I had to ask myself what was the over all theme of my life, family, and marriage. I don't want the sad times, the ugly, the grief, the hurt, the pain, all that is not attractive, to define who we are. I don't want that to become what defines my family, instead of the fun, the beauty, the forgiveness, the joy, the sacrifice, the good times.

Then I thought about the acorn, and how such a tiny little seed.........
but I won't go there. teehee

What defines you?

you can find others chatting at the sky here

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Doll

by Haven Dorothy, age 10
Chapter 1

Once upon a time, a girl about 6, was a maid. She worked at a castle. Her job was to serve food, and wash dishes. Even though she had an extremely miserable life, she had a dream, and she believed God would grant it. All the other maids had dreams also, like to be Queens and princesses, and artists and things like that, but the six year old girl only had a simple dream. She wanted a doll, a doll that she could name, and dress, and talk to, a doll that she could love. The maids couldn't have any pretty things, or things that would distract them from their work. All they each were allowed to have was, a bed, a shawl, a black dress, and some very sensible shoes, nothing very nice. They didn't even have their own rooms, they all had to sleep in the same room. It was very cramped.

To be continued