Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Whoever spreads slander is a fool

Proverbs 10:18

please read or listen to THIS

Thursday, January 8, 2009

jean patch applique tutorial

What is a girl to do when her favorite jeans get a hole in the knee? Until now, this hasn't been a problem really, as the girls seem to grow faster then their jeans wear out, and the boys, well holes are cool apparently. Kartwright did say though, when he saw this latest project, and I quote, "that is pretty legit". If you are unfamiliar with this phraseology, let me inform you. Legit, is short for legitimate, meaning, for real, unique, genuine. Used in a sentence..... You all are legit!

Soooooo, here we go, with said holey jeans.

Draw a picture of something you like, or copy a coloring book picture, or use one of your children's drawings. I drew an Owl, be sure it is big enough to cover the hole!

Get this stuff at the store. I found mine at Walmart, the brand name is Wonder Under by Pellon. I found it by all the interfacing, in the fabrics. It is paper on one side, and sticky glue stuff on the other. It is sold in yard increments. Buy extra, you will start wonder undering other stuff once you are hooked!

Cut out pieces of the wonder under just big enough for the pieces of your pattern, and iron them on to corresponding fabrics. Iron on wrong side, and follow directions that come with it. Basically, it is just dry iron, for a few seconds.....no big deal! (that red you see, is my ironing board cover)

Proceed to cut out pieces, using your picture as a pattern. You can trace design on the paper side.

Remove paper, (it just peals off), and place pieces properly on jean leg, covering hole. Then simply iron again. Use DMC, or embroidery floss to stitch the blanket stitch around each piece of the applique. Sew on buttons for eyes, embroider feet and beak, or any other embellishments you can think of, unless of course you are doing an airplane, or rocket ship, or skull and cross bones....then feet and beak would feel a bit out of place I fear.

Voila!!! favorite jeans have reached, "i will never take them off" status.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

handmade fabric cupcakes

My Mom made these cutelisciouse cupcakes for ElizaJane for Christmas. Each one is different, and unique! She also gave her the cupcake stand. There has been a lot of pretend pupcake eating going on around here lately. That one on top, is made from the same fabric that she used to make me an apron, sooo cute. My Mom is the queen of handmade gifts, and this year she outdid herself!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

amaryllis love

My parents brought me this amaryllis bulb when they came for Thanksgiving. I love amaryllis. It is no secret that Winter is not my favorite season, and forced bulbs certainly help bring the spring back during the cold months! If you plant them in the ground after they have died back from forcing, they will double each year, and bloom bright, as soon as the warm weather permits. We had several in the front yard of our "old" house. I "planted" this one the day after Thanksgiving, and it is proudly blooming, at my kitchen sink. We have all enjoyed watching it grow. It happens so quickly, that you can almost literally "watch" them spring up! It took 39 days to go from dead looking bulb, to this fabulosisness! I have made a note on my calendar to plant some next year, so they will bloom in time for Christmas day. That means they need to be planted by November 16. That should be easy to remember, as that is my birthday!!

I have decided this year to write myself a letter about our Christmas 2008. I want to record for myself, those things about this season that we loved, those things that we didn't, those things that I wish I had planned for, those things I want to be sure and remember next year. The season always sneaks up on me, and when it is over I feel like we missed out on some traditions that I would love to experience. This way, around November of 2009, I can read the letter, and be reminded of what I might otherwise forget. This is all part of my quest to live more intentionally.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Kartwright's performance

The Charleston Youth Company's Winter Spectacular will be this Friday and Saturday January 9th and 10th. Kartwright will be performing the part of a prince/beast. I can't wait to see him on stage! If you are local, and interested in attending you can go HERE and get all the info you need. i have been told, that because it is general admission, you must arrive quite early to get a good seat. If you attend, please be sure and seek us out, we would love to chat!

Friday, January 2, 2009

A sweet poem for all

I Must Be
I must be a Christian child,
Gentle, Patient, meek, and mild:
Must be honest, simple, true
In my words and actions too.
I must cheerfully obey,
Giving up my will and way:
Must not always thinking be
What is pleasantest to me:
But must try kind things to do
And make others happy too.
If a playmate treats me ill,
I must be forgiving still:
I must learn my lessons well,
Not my schoolmates to excel,
But because my hearts delight
Is in doing what is right.
And in all I do and say,
In my lessons and my play,
Must remember, God can view
All I think, and all I do.
Glad that I can know I try,
Glad that children such as I,
In our feeble ways and small,
Can serve Him who loves us all.
- Author unknown

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009

From our house to yours,
May you have the most intentional of years,
of growing, and learning, and seeing like never before,
the path of a life for Jesus.