Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Finally, my spring wreaths!

I wrote quite a while ago, in this post, that I was going to make some new spring wreaths for my front doors. I didn't forget, just took an unplanned hiatus from blogging, and never showed you the outcome.

Here they are, not EXACTLY what I was going for, but they work, and they do say spring, as well as summer, maybe I can even talk myself into them being both fall and winter, and that is a good thing, as I doubt I will be changing them anytime soon.

First I sprayed the grapevine wreaths I found at Hobby Lobby with satin clear coat, to give them some shine. That stuff dries almost instantly, and it's clear so you can spray them right on the grass and no one will ever know. Not that I did that Michael, I'm just sayin. I couldn't find felt in the colors I wanted, so I used real felted wool sweaters (as opposed to imitation felted wool sweaters). They were still not the colors in my head, but they are bright and cheerful. I used faux eucalyptus to fill in a little. I glued it all down safe and secure with LOTS of hot glue!

I found the cute polka dot ribbon at Hobby Lobby, and it all came together in the end.

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

upward and onward

Kartwright graduated Saturday.

He was one of six beautiful people in his small homeschool ceremony, and they all did wonderfully. I had the privilege of spending a few hours every month for the last nine months, with the sweet mommas of these nice looking young people, planning every cookie, candle , and cake for the sweet ceremony that we all enjoyed this weekend.

All of the graduates professed faith in Jesus Christ, and a desire to serve Him in college and beyond. What a blessing that is to the parents, friends, and families of these seniors.

Kartwright was asked to give the invocation (opening prayer), and did a magnificent job. Each graduate also chose a mentor that prayed for and with them and their parents, during the service. Kartwright chose his friend, teacher, and pastor. As parents we also were allowed to present his diploma to him ourselves, which I found particularly meaningful.

Many friends and family joined us, and we were so glad they did. It went so far in making this day special. I can hardly believe Kartwright is done with High School, and let me just say that the makers of water proof mascara deserve a BIG chocolate something for their part in making my day.

Kartwright has truly been a joy to "teach", and I put that in quotes as he has for so long now taught himself. I have been purely a facilitator, cheerleader, and encourager. He is a very smart guy, and is already on his way to very big things for God's kingdom.
I love you big guy,
and I am so very thankful for you, and the opportunity to educate you at home all these years. 
 I will forever be cheering you on!
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

If you love snakes, then don't read this

Lumberjack boy is now the snake slayer.

We have chickens, eight little laying ladies to be exact, and apparently snakes love eggs. Recently Haven, our resident keeper of the hens, went to collect eggs as usual, and found this long guy coiled up in the nesting boxes with an egg sitting on top, as if to mock her arrival. My quick and logically thinking girl child immediately let the chickens out of their cozy cabin, and locked them out. She then opened the nesting box hatch with a stick (that she had previously slammed shut when she discovered the egg eater), left open the door to the outside, and ran to the house to tell her tale of serpent sabotage.

Do you like all my alliteration??? Don't you love words like alliteration, that sound like what they are. What is the word for that???? Oh, I should know that. help me out people.

Unfortunately, the soon to be snake slayer was not at home, and night fall was looming. My sweetheart was out of town, and I was left with two girlies that were very afraid for their chicken friends. ElizaJane proceeded to remind me of how Daddy had once retrieved a snake from the bird feeder, and then proceeded to fling the slithery thing up over the fence with a pitch fork. Apparently she gives her Mother a bit too much credit in the bravery department, and has also measured my love for our feathered flock inaccurately. I explained, that I would NOT be "taking care of" the snake, not then, well...... not ever!

In the morning the snake was gone.

Fast forward a week, and guess who was back for a fresh warm all you can eat EGGstravagant smorgasbord! The snake slayer made short work of the long fellow, and if you are wondering why it looks like he has no head, well....it's because the snake slayer doesn't like to take any chances!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Callaway Gardens

Because the universe has lately been revolving around senior, soon to be graduating, and up to his eyeballs in stuff to do and places to be big brother, the girls and I recently took a little reprieve from "Kartwright world" into a land of butterflies and foliage.

You would think they had never seen grass before,the way they begged to lay in it, and soak up the sunshine. The butterfly building is behind them, and is filled with the most beautiful and intricately designed insects one has ever seen. We had such fun watching them together.

Liza was determined that one would land on her, and this is seriously the longest she has ever stood still in her 7 year life. Her patience paid off in the end, and she was thrilled to be tickled by this creatures tiny feet.

I took the opportunity of such a pretty setting to snap lots of pics of the girls. I will spare you a million, and just share a few of my favorites. We had such a fun time together, and made some really sweet memories.
Thank you Lord Jesus for these two sweet girls.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I haven't posted for a long time for no particular reason, and thank you for your encouragement to do so. I have missed it.....kind of.

The older you get, the faster life flies by, so if you have littles, and you long for the days when they are older, and things will slow down, you can stop longing now. It ain't gonna happen!

The girls and I went to Taco Bell for lunch today, and a man held the door open for us. As I passed by he said "chivalry is not dead" I smiled warmly, then he proceeded to jump ahead of me so he could be first in line.

Does it bother anyone else when male customers at Publix grocery let women employees push their carts of groceries to their car for them, and then load the bags of food into their trunks?

My computer crashed recently, and it cost us big bucks to get it fixed. It was only 6 months old, and it was still under warranty. Everything on the hard drive was lost! ummmm...........really?
Two words friends, back up your pictures, well, four words, but very important ones. Do it now!

You don't listen very well do you?

Kartwright my second born, is graduating soon, and then he will fly the coop, spread his wings, take flight. He is a very tall baby bird at six feet two now, but he is my baby bird. I keep reminding myself that this was the point, the goal, the objective, but 18 years just doesn't seem long enough to prepare to have your heart ripped out of your chest......again!

Kartwright was recently asked in an interview,"If you could go out into the world and accomplish whatever you wanted, and be assured that you would succeed, and could not fail, what would you do". I thought that was a very thought provoking question. What would you say?

My new favorite Sonic drink is cranberry sprite, yummm!

Do you think the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil had any intrinsical (I didn't want to use the word magical, or intrinsic, so I made my own word, I can do that, cuz this is my blog) power in it, or was it just a piece of fruit? If it was just a piece of fruit, then why did the tree of life have to be guarded by the angels after Adam and Eve sinned?

I did miss blogging, for reals!