Friday, November 4, 2011

Final goodbye

We are back in Georgia to pack up the house for the BIG move. No, it hasn't sold yet, but our six months in the villa are almost up, and we had to rent something more permanent. Outside is luxuriously beautiful, and even though the leaves are well past their prime, they show quite beautifully.

Inside, not so much! Four strangers, two days, 276 boxes, and one huge mess! And guess what?? Someone wants to see the house tomorrow! No, I can't make this stuff up! The house has sat, show house ready, for SIX months, and had very little action, now they call! Really, really??

Outside it is beautiful!

Inside, ummmmmmmm, really??

Outside, cute as can be,
but they aren't for sale...well, not today (smile).

Inside, Ohhhh myyyyy!

Outside! yeah!

Inside, blah!

Okay Lord, time to do a miracle!
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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

We call it Candy night

The girls were paper dolls this year, the easiest costumes ever! They were so easy I almost felt guilty for not giving more blood swear and tears into the project. Not only were they super easy, they were a big hit, especially with the older folks. I was a little afraid that people wouldn't know what they were, but it was obvious that paper dolls brought back fond memories for lots of people. Several strangers asked where we got the costumes, "ummmmmm, they're just cardboard??!" The girls were so excited, and they must have thanked me forty times!

This guy really cracked me up, I just had to take his picture. He looked to be a very masculine man, and he was very stern with the children he was with, and so serious. Definitely not the type you would expect to find in a flamingo funny. How do you wear a blow up bright pink flamingo suit, and not smile.

This family went all out. The mom is cut out of the pic, but she was the tin man, and the baby was the lion. It was fun to see so many adults dressed up this year, and very few creepy ones here in our "new home town".


This man looked to be eight feet tall. He was also very serious, but at least that went with his costume.

Over all we had a terrific Candy night and the girls went to bed exhausted, in spite of being hopped up on twizzlers and Reese peanut butter cups.
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