Friday, November 27, 2009

Orange Friday

Instead of participating in "Black Friday", I think I'll enjoy Orange Friday with the girl in the orange bow, and a breakfast of Reeses Puffs with hot Cocoa. Doncha think that sounds much better then traffic and long lines, not to mention rude people and commercialism?
Of course that can be fun too! teehee


Mette said...

Ooh, the girl in the orange bow looks lovely.

Ginger said...

sounds and looks cozy---I've missed your blog. Hope all is well.

SweetCaroline said...

Hey Miss Amy!!!

So glad u started updating your blog again.

Miss ya'll ALOT!!


~Caroline Gant

joyinthejourney said...

Very very cute! We avoid black friday too! Your Orange friday looks refreshingly calm and relaxing. Pretty girl too: )

char said...

thanks:)for posting:)

New Every Morning said...

I'd choose orange over black. Definitely cuter!!!