Monday, July 25, 2011

randomness again

Not sure who said this originally, but my pastor shared it a few Sundays ago.

"I don't care how much you know,
 until I know how much you care."

good one to remember when we are busy pontificating to those around us, and yet failing to show them our love.

Is this not the coolest thing? Love I tell you, LOVE!!
you can find this adorable cuckoo clock pattern here, sooooo, who wants to make it for me????

I need some pillows in our new place to make it feel more lived in, what do you think about this?? It gives new meaning to pillow soft doesn't it?

 So tell me this, cause here in lies my dilemma. I want pretty pillows, but they must also be comfy, because, well, because we will be using them, and isn't that the main purpose of pillows, besides being pretty I mean, to make one more comfy? Are your couch pillows comfy, or decorative??
Is it too much to ask that they be both???

At our new place we have opted to not have a land line, and to just use our cell phones. My only problem with this new development, is that I can't seem to keep up with my phone around the house. I don't always have pockets, and the "in the shirt" solution isn't working for me, and carrying my purse around while I do laundry seems a bit extreme. Where do you all keep your cell phones??

And, how about these cute boxes? Too cute for words they are! And, this art work above? That you can find direction for here ala Kal, one uber cool artist.

So very nice! So, I ask you, with all of these great paint chip projects, how long before the paint stores start charging for their paint chip color samples?

So, what you been lovin lately? Please share your randomness with me.


Deborah Kay at The Paint Splash said...

Hi, just found your blog while random "next blog" searching. Enjoyed my visit. I keep my phone on a small shelf that is under my calander in my kitchen. Of course I have to have the ringer on "outside" so I can hear it. Blessings, Debbie

Ginger said...

First, congrats to your mom for taking the computer plunge. At 80, my cocooned mother still maintains all things internet related are EVIL.

What am I lovin' lately? Sleeping til 6 most mornings, then leisurely taking an hour or two to get up and going; having said that, coffee in bed; sleeping on the backside of MY bed because the boys want my side (2 of my male cats lest there be confusion); spur-of-the-moment coffee runs; watching 24 on Netflix whenever; first real summer off in 11 years. Nuff said

thehomespunheart said...

Hi Amy!

Our couch pillows are comfy - but I think part of that can be attributed to the fact that we've had them over a decade! I'm dreaming of slipcovering my couch with canvas drop cloths and ticking piping; then making some sort of grain sack pillows to coordinate!

I keep my cell phone on my kitchen counter on top of my recipe box. My charger hangs out there and it just is where I've gotten used to looking for it.

As for paint samples - I've been wondering when they will start charging as well considering all the projects I've seen recently!

Have a great day!