Tuesday, February 28, 2012

His trees

I live in a beautiful place!
I am sure that God displays his majesty everywhere in some way.
But here, for me, it is often in the trees.

I LOVE palm trees, and this place has all kinds. The girls and I spied this one on a recent skip to the beach for some afternoon shell seeking. From the car those bright orange "leaves??" looked like feathers.

up close they were actually kind of poky and sharp.
God could have, if He had wanted to, just covered the earth with just one kind of tree, or even no trees at all, and we wouldn't have ever known the difference, but in His wonderful, glorious way, He chose to gift us with all kinds, in all shapes and sizes! What a creative God we can choose to serve!
How does He display His glory to you, where you live?
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Melissa said...

I love to look out my window (from my bed) in the morning and watch the sky go from dark to silver to blue. It is a peaceful time for me to meditate on His glory. Grateful each morning is new...