Friday, May 23, 2008

really grand niece

This sweet little one came to visit recently with my niece and her husband. Does that make me a great aunt? That sounds soooo old. Why does everything sound so old lately? anyway, They are the sweetest little family, and soo much fun! My girls adored having little Ruby around, and although I think we all were a bit overwhelming to her, overall I think she loved us too! It was so fun to "catch up with" her mommy Hannah, who really sometimes seems like more of a sister to me. The "boys" loved having her husband Jason to play with, and we were all so glad they came. I hate how life gets busy sometimes, and you don't get to spend it with the people you love most. Thanks for the visit Hannah and Jason, and bring that little sweety back for another visit real soon!


char said...

great picture!

Hannah said...

Thanks "great" aunt! We had a wonderful time as well and Ruby misses all the commotion as we are back to life as an only child! We miss you already and can't wait for the next trip! Love you!