Friday, May 30, 2008

He's leaving on a jet plane

Well, not really, just in his white Ford truck, but he might as well be, he's just as gone! I still can't get used to my baby growing up, I wonder if I ever will. In my mother's day card he wrote " I will always be your baby, and I will always be there to care for, comfort, and love you forever and ever" Something in me knows he will, but the tearing away is so hard. He was home from college for just three weeks, and now he is off to play in some semi....semi.... pro baseball team in Atlanta (not quite sure how many semi's go there). he will be back for our family vacation late in the summer before he has to go back to school to start his junior year, yes people, you heard me right, his junior year of college. I am still not believing he will be a junior!!!!

Only old people have kids who are Juniors in college.

Juniors in college only have one more year until they're Seniors,

and then they become grown ups,

and get real jobs,

and their own homes,

and their own families even,

and then they go on their own vacations and when they say they are going home, they don't mean your home, but some other home that isn't where you are,
with their own stuff,
and their own cat,
and their own furniture,
and their own neighbors,.....



hopefully they make you proud.

I already miss my baby.


char said...

This post made me cry. I can't believe I am planning high school curr. and I certainly can't believe that D is going to be a junior. Do they have to grow up and be all that we hope and pray we have prepared them to be?

The conference went really well. Love you char

randi said...

My second comment here today!!!

My oldest is a graduating from college in December! Doesn't she know that I am not old enough for this? Geez!

Just remember that when they move out and get their own spouses, they also have their own kids---grandkids for you and me! Woohoo! Of course, we are NOT old enough for that yet!!! ;)