Sunday, January 17, 2010

miniature slipcover

Have you ever slip covered a couch? Me either....until just a few days ago!

When I was a young girly girl like my sweet daughter Haven, My Daddy made me a doll house for Christmas. He wasn't Daddy then by the way, cuz I was born a Yankee, but now I'm an old southern gal, and he is Daddy now, at least in my mind. He is still Dad out loud though, not sure why. So back to the story at hand...He didn't make it from some prefab kit, in fact I don't even think he had any plans. I still remember that towel over the window to the garage around Christmas time, and the hoping that whatever was being made behind closed doors in Dad's workshop, was for me. Fast forward a couple gazillion years, and that same dollhouse made an appearance under our tree this year for someone who had been quite the good girl.
This keepsake had seen better days my friends, let me assure you. My Mom (she's Momma in my mind)had decorated it with loving care, and lots of very long lasting glue. I had to sand for an eternity! It is only by the grace of God that I still have the old relic, well, grace, and a very endearing husband who has lugged the thing from here to kingdom come through like a catrillion moves. I can't believe it's still in one piece, guess Dad used some strong glue too!
Any how, I sanded, and painted, and re-decorated, and it was a BIG surprise, very much enjoyed by our own little girlie girl, Miss Haven Dorothy.

We didn't fully furnish it cuz,....well, cuz that's the fun of it right? Well, Haven felt sure that I could make a couch , and when someone has total faith and confidence in you, how can you not try? so I strapped a bit of duck tape around a piece of packing foam, and then sewed a bit of cream corduroy, and called it a couch, all 4 inches of it!

Check out that Heather Bailey wall paper people. This "family" is livin large!

"glass" tiles in the Kitchen back splash, and original filo dough earthen ware dishes!

Not sure who that is playing the piano????

oops, updated to say I meant Amy Butler wallpaper....
No offense Heather, you are both equally wonderful designers!

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Ginger said...

It's darling. Somehow I have the feeling it will make it to your grandchildren. It looks to be in great condition.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. I secretly always wanted a cool doll house when I was little. Love the kitchen with the glass tile back splash and the black and white floor. Too cute!

Great job on making a couch. Now you have got me wanting to make cute little furniture and I don't even have a dollhouse or a little girl. I bet my two boys would think it was fun though! :)

joyinthejourney said...

That is amazing!!! What a sweet treasure to pass down to a sweet treasure of a girl!! I love the "A" on the cookie jar and the very updated kitchen. It looks like the family is having a costume party: )

Pam @ bibbidi-bobbidi-beautiful said...

Awesome! I love me a slipcover- even in miniature!

Kim -today's creative blog said...

very sweet! thanks for linking.

::cottage instincts:: said...

Totally adorable! Would love to make one of those full size for my family room :)

Glad you could Mi4M!