Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The scary closet!

Our new home has an oddly shaped room that the former owners used as an office. We could probably use an office, but the Master bedroom in this house is more like a bowling alley, so we needed the desk in there, just to use up some space! This room was then labeled the play room. ElizaJane was ecstatic to put it mildly that they would have their very own playroom, and excessive compulsive organizer girl, otherwise known as Haven was ecstatic that she would no longer have to deal with toys in their room. Her room is not a bowling alley, and the girls share it so space is at a premium. These doors led to the playroom closet, and I don't even have to tell you how crazy messy, and truly scary it was! My Dad and Hubby built us some uber fine shelves, and it is scary no more!

Is this fantastic or what!!! Thanks Dad and Hubby!

I purchased most of those bins 50% off, because they were considered Christmas! Love that!

The girls can now play with the play mobile, without even getting it out! Love that to! And so does that newly married play mobile couple!


Danielle said...

What a wonderful closet! her um, what a wonderful playroom! Love those clear plastic tubs!

joyinthejourney said...

Your dad has already done that in one day!!!! He gets a-goin'...yes he does.

It looks like a great play area!

kim said...

Great storage. I need shelves put in a little coat closet by our door next to the garage for much needed storage. Yours looks really nice.