Friday, March 5, 2010

Pretty stone chapel

When Michael and I were recently exploring the woods of Callaway gardens, we came upon this sweet little stone chapel, tucked away in the trees.

Although the tower was tall, it was dwarfed by the tall trees that surrounded it, and the attached church. I noticed immediately that there were stained glass windows, and thought to myself, what a shame that no light can get through those beautiful windows!

Then we walked through the front doors, and I think I could hear the angels singing, it was so illuminated! I can not even tell you how fantastic the colors that bounced off the floors and walls of this precious place were. It was amazing!

Here is a close up of one of the windows, it was truly remarkable the craftsmanship that these windows had!

I especially loved this one. see all the dogwood blooms?

ooooooooh, and this one, so unusual!

And this one was all acorny just like our stay at The Callaway lodge!

Here is a shot from the front looking to the back. Each of the four windows on the right represents a different season! The colors were from every spectrum, so cool! And look at those cool stone pillars, and the beams. I wish I could take you all there!

This was the altar, so there was ginormous, beautified glass, in front and behind!

When you walked out you were met with this scene! Can't you just imagine it in the fall, or the spring, with all the natural colors? What a beautiful serene spot!

And, just around the corner, this sweet water fall.


Anonymous said...

It is so lovely and peaceful. I am so glad ya'll got to go and enjoy this place. So good. <3tammy

thehomespunheart said...

Ooooh - what a lovely place! Amazing craftsmanship shown in these pics!

Have a great day!