Monday, March 8, 2010

the doll part II

by Haven Dorothy
age 10

for part I go here
The six year old's name was Charlotte. Charlotte was very scrawny from the very little food she ate. She had black hair, and blue eyes, and big swells under her eyes from the very little sleep she got. She had the tiniest nose, and perfectly perfect lips. Charlotte didn't have a mirror to know exactly what she looked like, but she knew she wasn't pretty, by her reflection in the dishwater. She dreamed she was lovely though, as lovely as Queen Victoria, who was very appealing. Charlotte thought she would like to be as elegant as Queen Victoria, but not act like her, because she was very mean. The Queen made all the maids get up very early, and not go to bed until very late. It was very tiring.


Anonymous said...

Dear Haven,
You are a very good writer and i really look forward to the rest of your story. Thank you so much for sharing it with us!! <3tammy

joyinthejourney said...

I love the weekly installment!! Good job to Haven. Love the cute pic too. She looks like the kind of happy right after you hit someone with a snowball: )