Thursday, December 2, 2010

November, where did you go?

So, seriously, was Thanksgiving really a week ago? Can someone answer a simple question for me? Why is it, that when we are children, without a care or trouble in the world does Christmas seem to take so very stinking long to arrive, yet when we get older, and are overwhelmed with all that life throws our way, and can't possibly see the forest for the trees, or conceive of a world where all is ready by Christmas, Does November run into December like a rogue freight train, and the countdown seems to count by 3's?

Haven was my big helper in the kitchen this year, baking both the pumpkin and pecan pies for me Thanksgiving morning. And my ovens are not harvest yellow, although they do appear so, don't they?

Everyone looks like they have already slipped into their turkey induced comas here, but I think we were all so very hungry (including the the photographer) that we didn't look up to smile. Everything was delicious, and all were thankful, so I guess Thanksgiving was a colossal success!
And our initials are not P A, one of our A's had a run in with Chief the naughty power jumping dog!
And yes, if you must ask, that IS a turkey leg on ElizaJane's plate, and yes we did let her have that on purpose, and no she did not eat it all, in fact she only had two small bites because she was to full of mashed potatoes, but no it did not go to waste, and yes it did irritate her brothers that we indulged in such foolishness, and no we didn't care, and yes she was happy.

This little preciousness slept through our meal, but awoke with a big smile, and a sunny disposition, on our very dreary overcast day.

The girls enjoyed a movie together, so fun to see them all snuggled down eating pop corn.

Thank You November,
 got to go,
 December is passing me by.

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Danielle said...

I totally agree... I seem to have lost Sept and Oct as well.

Love the drum stick story:-)