Friday, December 31, 2010

good to have known you 2010

Wow, 2010, you packed a punch, but with every blow there was a come back, and for that I say THANKS! You were a good year, because hard is good on God's barometer, and it is only His barometer that counts.

 Thank you for the good times too, the laughs, and tears of joy, the learning, the stretching, the healing. It was during this year that we welcomed two new members, and with that our family grew in more ways than numbers! 

Forgiveness was the word you chose for us, not for others sakes, but for ours. It was this year that I learned that FORGIVENESS is a gift to ones self, and really has very little to do with anyone else, that it can come without the admitting, or the asking, or even the deserving! It was this year that I had to relearn that friends are not always who they seem, and to share sparingly, and trust slowly. Being transparent does not come without a price, and is not always a wise investment. 

That being said, new friends have abounded for us all in this the 2010th year, and for that too we are eternally grateful. It is this year too, that we learned that more is sometimes less, and less is often better, that chickens grow incredibly fast, some puppies pick their own homes, root canals are really bad no matter what they say, and conscious sedation is for me, truly conscious. 

Gardens, puppies, children, and love all grew. Trophies, sports letters, college A's, scholarships and theater tickets were all awarded for good performance.
Refrigerators, relationships, transmissions, and cracked fillings were all repaired. Cell phones, computers, sunglasses and bathroom tiles were all replaced, and magazine subscriptions, distemper vaccines, and drivers licenses were all renewed.

Repaired, replaced, renewed......that was the theme.

Good to have known you 2010, you will not be forgotten!

How was your 2010?


downlights said...

nice posting keep blogging,

Anonymous said...

Hey Amy,
Bad is good on God's barometer! Yep, i was just thinkin a coupla days ago and prayin, Lord it has been a hard year. I hope the next is not so much. Then i thought ya know it was hard in many ways, but HE was always faithful and good. So, i know that whatever 2011 holds for us, i need to count my blessins and be thankful and trust our Faithful Father. Good post, you are a good writer :-), some puppies do pick their own homes, kitties too!