Monday, February 14, 2011

"Our Story" introduction

"I want to marry a man just like Daddy" said my brown eyed 11 year old side kick, from the passenger seat. 

"Well, choose well then" I entreated, "choose well." 

But then as quickly as those words crossed the thresh hold of my lips, came the reminder from my heavenly Father that my love was not chosen, but given, as a gift... in spite of myself.

I have recently read several "love stories" on blogs of younger newly married women. Their romances are fresh, their stories are recent, and their unions, although not usually seasoned by the hard stuff of life just yet, are beautiful. Most of those that I have read, have been surprised by love, and reveal in the words of their stories their gratefulness to God for the gift they have been given. I love to read their stories, and hear the varied ways that God knits families together.

I have not had the opportunity to read any "stories" from older woman, accept for Monica's online match-up, who is not at all old, just no longer considered a newlywed, and inasmuch as I would not yet categorize myself as that just yet....ahem (old I mean)! I do have a story.

My love is not fresh, although it feels new every day, and it is not recent, nearly 28 years young actually, but it is miles deep, and fire tested, and sumptuously seasoned by some relatively hard stuff, and it is indeed exquisitely beautiful.

So today, on this Valentines day I want to thank the Lord for the gift that is my husband, and tell him publicly how very much I do love him, and how grateful that I am for my story, our story.

I love you boyfriend!

And also I thought it fitting that I would write our story out, not because I would ever forget even a tiny morsel of the miracle that it was, but simply because I want to share with you, and with my children, and someday perhaps, with their children, the miracle that is our love.

It is my intention to write "Our Story"  every Monday, until it's completion up to the wedding day, and I hope you will come back and visit. I would also LOVE to take the opportunity to encourage some of my fellow "older" bloggers to share their stories, so come on Char, Audrey, Jolie, Michelle, Hannah, Danielle, Ginger, etc...we would love to hear some of your stories.

Happy Valentines day!


Anonymous said...

Look forward to hearin more......

Anonymous said...

Glad your back bloggin Amy. t

The Hardwick Family said...

Will you please write a book one day? I just love reading everything that you write!!:) Can't wait to hear your story.

char said...

I can't wait to read the story:) Maybe I will take you up on your challenge:) love you! char

jb12 said...

there's not much I love more than a good love story! can't wait!

Danielle said...

Somehow I missed this post... I totally agree. My love was a gift to me... the longer we are married, the more I see it that way. I was just looking for a "Christian" guy to take me away from my parents. UGH! God certainly protected me!

Wife Of A Disciple said...

What a fabulously written piece.
I look forward to reading more!

You say you want to hear more stories about how couples met...
Mine aren't about how we met but rather the journeys we took with God.

Check them out by clicking on my name!