Wednesday, February 23, 2011

UMMMM, I just don't know

So, I am at dinner with my husband and 3 other couples recently right?, and I didn't know any of them very well, and the man at the head of the table says with a question on his lips.


all eyes turn to me

"Is that your hair" he asked, completely and unabashedly serious!

ummmm, I thought, okay, he is foreign, so maybe he doesn't really know what he's saying.

"Yes?" I reply," it is my HAIR", 
I enunciated clearly in hopes that he would realize his faux pas. perhaps he meant, Is that your car outside, I pondered, or is that your wedding ring on your finger, or is that blouse you're wearing from Banana Republic, anything but is that your real hair? Surely he did not mean to ask that? And of course I immediately felt self conscious about my hair, and also thought to myself, If I was going to wear someone else's hair, do you really think I would choose this sad state of affairs?

"Is it your real color?" he then inquired. 
My mind is reeling now, my real hair, my real color??? I am not offended, I make no bones about coloring my hair, I mean, if I didn't I would look like... 75, and that would be fine to look 75 if I wasn't 46. I am all for aging gracefully, but all in good time you know? I am really OK with people knowing that I color my hair, I mean seriously does anyone really expect people to believe that highlights magically appear in the middle of February when evidenced by my pasty white complexion I have obviously not seen the sun for months? Yes, I color MY real hair, well, Darlene does, and I talked it over with God and He "told" me it is OK. And, as my favorite preacher always says, if the barn needs painting.......well, paint it! but, it is a bit strange to be asked these questions at dinner, isn't it, at a table full of virtual strangers, and even more bewildering to be asked by a man. I must share that said man does own a beauty supply shop, so....I don't know, I just don't know.

"Yes" I answered, a bit timidly, and glanced at my ever even tempered and roll with the punches kinda guy and hubby Michael. What next? my eyes asked pleadingly toward my other half. There is a smirk on his kind face that says "we will laugh about this later, and that is the craziest dinner convo question ever, and I like your hair, and please don't explode as I know you are prone to do when people are rude, and I love you." Yes, all in that one little smirk, all that was said, and when you have been married for almost 25 years, you too will hear whole conversations from your spouse with just a glance.

"At the store it is color # 27" the oblivious to all that is the wrong thing to say in American culture man replies candidly. "It is the favorite color of black women" he adds.

ummmm, I just don't know!

Have you ever been asked a weird or awkward question? do share!


Danielle said...

LOL! That was too funny! That is such an odd conversation! No, I haven't been asked a question like that... but I do love your husbands smirk of a reply! Haha! Why would he say that!?!??! Weird.

The Hardwick Family said...

LOL!!! He must of really liked your hair:) Someone years ago thought I was one of Sean's kids while we were out eating.Ok, I know I am short but really! Poor Sean:)

Jae said...

Funny, The weirdest thiing I think people say about hair is if they ask if you have Virgin Hair... Meaning never been dyed! I was thinking this is awkward why would you call it that! Anyways the funniest question asked of me was from a little boy who asked me if I have a PeePee... I'm his Nanny so I laughed for an hour over it and explained that girls are different!

Anonymous said...

I love it!! Wish i coulda been a fly on the wall!! :-) <3t

thehomespunheart said...

Ok, that is very strange! The weird questions I usually get are something to the effect of, "Is your mother at home?" or "Are you the babysitter?" Um, yeah - no one thinks I look old enough to have three children I guess? I know I should appreciate it - but really people!

Grace and Mercy said...

lol, I ask wierd questions myself sometimes. When I was really into making soap I used to ask my coworkers what kinda soap did they use last night and if it was shower gel or a bar and did they take a shower or bath... if someone tells me they went to hv dental work done I would ask them to let me see, lol

momof3girls said...

ahh! I think you handled yourself very gracefully! I have always been asked if I color my hair - since I have red hair, brown eyes, and brown eyebrows. But no, my hair is really red (however in the last 2 years due to gray I have been helping it along). It always throws me that people ask, I guess I never pay much attention to other peoples eyebrows