Thursday, August 11, 2011


Just a few doors down from us is a nature center. They often have animals they have rescued. Their normal residents are turtles, and snakes, fish, and recently they cared for a baby opossum until he was ready for release. We love to stop in occasionally to see the critters, and just a few weeks ago we met Buddy.

Isn't he beautiful??? I just love his colors. When he first arrived he was in a large bird cage, alone in the back room. They let us go back and see him, but he seemed so lonely. I guess that was part of acclimating him to his new surroundings.

Now, he is in the main room, sitting on a perch out in the open. Every time the door opens, and rings, he says "HELLO", just as clear as a bell, and welcomes everyone to the center. We haven't heard anything else from him, but we will keep trying.

I would kinda like a bird like buddy for my very own, how'bout you?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the helpful blog.

Anonymous said...

Parrots are pretty amazing. I'm usually partial to African Grey Parrots which you, sadly, can often find unwanted on CL. They require as much attention as a dog which some folks don't realize and thus they abandon them.