Tuesday, August 16, 2011

sisters by the water

She was born into a family with three brothers. One is gone now, but for her first five years she had only brothers, They loved her, cherished her even, and like her name she was a safe healing place for our family. I humbly asked the Lord, in the midst of my gratefulness for my three sweet boy children, and my one baby girl, for a sister for her, and he answered my prayer.


When we shared the news with little Haven that her Momma was going to have a baby for her to Love, With all the confidence she could muster in that chubby four year old body she replied, "She's gonna be a sista, and we're gonna name her Sally!" She was half right.
And although they are very very different, they are also very alike. And, although they sometimes push each others buttons, they are also the best of friends. They giggle and rough, and whisper sweet secrets, they play and explore, and bicker, and giggle. They build blanket forts and read together with a flashlight, and then spend the night on the carpet amongst plush bunnies and bears, and dream of American Girls, then eat Little Debbie Swiss rolls for breakfast, because they can, and play Go Fish, and did I mention they giggle?

I hope they will always be the best of friends.
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Anonymous said...

They are so precious and beautiful!! I love these sistas!!! <3 t

Danielle said...

I always wanted a sister... now I want a sister for my daughter;-)