Monday, January 16, 2012

Courageous high heels at the auto parts store

On this new year I revealed my word for 2012.


I don't have much.
Although I believe that God could supernaturally send one tiny pinch of courage my way, and I could instantaneously be filled to overflowing, and then conquer the universe, I don't believe that that is the way He will give me courage.

God has not given us a spirit of fear, and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline. II Timothy 1:7
He has really already given it, I just have to take it, accept it, believe Him for it, and wear it. Here is where the rub is for me.

I wear courage the way a man wears high heels.

It isn't comfortable for me.
So I don't.

The only reason women can wear high heels,
 is because they want to.

Think about it......

Okay, I just googled men in heels, and apparently SOME men like to wear them.....but lets go with the assumption that most men don't.
I am sure they don't for a number of reasons, both social and environmental, but I bet the number one reason, practically speaking, is that they aren't comfortable wearing them. If they wanted to wear them, they could, if they practised. If they put them on, and gradually increased the height, maybe just a little bit everyday, until they didn't feel quite so awkward, and then when they were ready, they could try them out in public. Just a quick run to the auto parts store perhaps, would get them over the hump. Before you knew it they would be sporting platforms and studlettos every where they went.

Okay enough of that analogy

Here's the thing, I can pick out times in my life when I was courageous. Most of those times came in the face of extreme adversity. When the going gets tough the tough get going you might think? No, I don't think that was the case. When I have been faced with really hard circumstances.....well, that's when I have leaned in a bit closer to my Savior. I wanted, no I needed ,to hear His voice, and lets be honest people, when we snuggle a bit deeper into His embrace, His courage (and whatever else we might need) is a bit more, shall we say, accessible. When I am not on my knees, seeking Him, desperate for His help, thirsting for His streams of living water, well then I am not recognising my need for Him, and I am living in my own strength.

When I am not seeing my need for HIM, then I am living in my own strength.

what, you didn't hear that??

When I am not seeing my need for HIM, then I am living in my own strength.

I call it COASTING.

So then, the number one answer my friends, to this need I see in myself for courage, lies in my recognising my constant need for Him, even when times are a bit less stressful, coasting times if you will.

Number two answer perhaps, is that I need to try it on, like those high heels. I need to push myself to exercise the art of wearing courage, just a little bit at a time. Perhaps with practise courage will become comfortable on me....or perhaps it will become second nature when I get used to wearing it, or used to letting God put it on me.
Is there anything you need to be more courageous about, some area where fear is holding you back from doing or being what God is calling you to? Could you try on some courage today, practise wearing it a bit, take it out in public? I bet a quick run to the auto parts store would do the trick.

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Sarah Belle said...

Disturbing picture ;-)!! Great point, and yes it is there already. It is in our times of heartache or trial when we see our deepest need. I am with you, i hope that if i put it on more and more it will get easier to put on. Thanks <3 t