Wednesday, January 18, 2012


 The squirrels on this crazy Island are pertinacious!

1. holding tenaciously to a purpose; course of action, or opinion; resolute
2. stubborn or obstinate
3. extremely or objectionably persistent

Not to long ago Liza and I were sitting in what was then our dinning room, pouring over the intricacies of 2nd grade reading, when one of these critters spied us through the window.

Our presence made him very uncomfortable, and he let us know. I don't know if he felt threatened, or was just having a bad day.

He seriously screamed so loud, and so long, that we couldn't ignore him. I found him to be very objectionable persistent. We finally went out and scared him away. I can be pertinacious too!

Saturday I was at the hardware store, and overheard a customer ask if they had a squirrel proof bird feeder. "Oh no" she laughed out loud, "those don't exist around here!".
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Elizabeth said...

Hahahaha! Brilliant story.

Oh, squirrels <3