Friday, September 5, 2008

Rocket surgery

After reading this (click on love your children part 2)blog post by my trying to be serious, but in "real" life quite hilarious friend, over at Sensible Mom, I got to thinking about chores, and what I expect of my children. Today was laundry day, and laundry is my chore of choice. I mean, Obviously there are things I would rather do, but as far as duties go, I like laundry. I had a friend once that said her hobby was cleaning. I'm not lyin to ya, and she was for real! I seriously wish it was mine, but...not so much. I would even love, and have tried to make, cooking as dear to my heart as other favorite past times, but to no avail. It just doesn't really fill that creative thing in me. So anyway, back to chores. I like laundry. I hold on tightly to my laundry chore, and leave all those lowly chores that I don't so much like, to my housekeeping staff, otherwise known as my children. Take dish washer emptying...never do that, bed making...almost never,...porch sweeping, dog feeding, table setting...never, never, never. Then there are those chores that I feel like I do constantly that I can't even ask others to partake of, simply because they are a result of my own psychosis. I'm speaking of pillow fluffing. Is there anybody else out there who hates flat pillows, and crunched down sofa backs? Or how about cutting boards? I am obsessed with keeping the cutting board clean. Then there is the never ending pile of mail, full of things I am afraid to throw away, but have no place for.

My friend Mrs. Cushman , says we should train our children to do everything they can do. I think I can agree to that, accept for laundry.

As for me, I will continue the laundry all by myself, and they will learn to sort and such, the day before they leave home. Hey! it was good enough for their big brother wasn't it? after all, it isn't rocket surgery!

So...what chore do you hold on to, and what are those you gladly delegate?

I know, the picture had nothing to do with the post, but I can hardly post without a photo so...lets say they were tuckered out from all those chores they had to do. No No wait... they are dreamin of all the chores they get to do tomorrow... No No No .. they are dreamin of the day that Momma finally shows them how to use those two big mysterious machines in the laundry room.


char said...

You are so funny!

Maybe I could come and sit at your feet while you fluff pillows and learn draw from the deep well. :)

Michele Norman said...

Apparently we're kindred spirits because I won't let anyone else do laundry either. I even sent the oldest far away to the other side of the country and didn't bother to teach her. Oops. She can probably google how to do laundry.

Danielle said...

This was too cute! My space is the kitchen...nobody can clean it right! I don't have to be the cook, but I'm gonna clean up.

My family is headed to the Outer Banks soon:-) Ahhh, I can feel the sunshine already!

Love the Hellen Keller of my favorites:-)