Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Does your kid know 'America the beautiful'?

So THIS crazy kid has been accepted into the Charleston youth Company!

For his audition he sang "If I were a rich man" he was amazing!!!!

Well, they didn't let me watch, but at home he was amazing.

They also asked him to sing America The Beautiful, which he didn't know, and something called a Capella which he had never heard of (me either, if you care to educate me, I'm teachable. I thought that just meant singing without music) sooooo... One of the auditioners exclaims,

"Happy Birthday it is".

He then sings the most glorious rendition of Happy Birthday ever sung.

To himself no less, as his birthday is this week!

I'm not goin to lie to you, it was nothing short of electrifying.

I heard it through the door....no really!

He so wowed them with his effervescent personality and astonishing singing voice that they chose to overlook his inability to read music, or the fact that he has basically had no formal music training of any kind, and that he didn't know their songs,(not to mention he's homeschooled....and you know those types).

Later he said

"I wish they would have asked me to sing 'The Star spangled Banner', I so could have sung that!"

So... now my well rounded, Oakley wearing, golf club swinging, tennis ball serving, Jesus loving, old western watching, funny guy, can add Stage star to his list of achievements, as long as he knows the song...

On another note...Michael and I had to go to the parent meeting last night for said company, and left Kartwright, said son, in charge to feed, and put to bed the girls. I'm tellin ya, this kids got a talent pool you wouldn't believe! We arrived home to a fully lit up house, accept the girls room. Thank you son for at least letting them sleep in the dark. It occurred to us that perhaps our soon to be 16 year old was a little unnerved, and was comforted by the lights. We of course had no choice then but to scare the bajeebies out of him. We sneaked (shouldn't that be snuck? I thought so too, but spell checker says NO!) in the Master bedroom door and upon finding him not downstairs proceeded to turn off the lights one by one. I began to creep up the stairs, in an effort to hide behind a door so I could scare him as he walked by. Halfway up he must have sensed the lights going off and said out loud

"turn the lights on!" (I'm not sure to whom).

I proceeded.....Again he said louder this time

"turn the lights on"

'oooooooo good I thought, he's spooked, we're gonna get him good. Up the dark stairs I crept.......then he flipped on a wall switch that I didn't even know existed, and guess what he was holding, ready to pummel me with.......A big Louisville Slugger baseball bat!!!!!!!!.......

boy I'm glad he turned on the light!

Note to self...... don't try to scare a well rounded, Oakley wearing, golf club swinging, tennis ball serving,Jesus loving, western watching, If I were a rich man singing, Star spangled Banner knowing, babysitting, light loving, soon to be 16 year old, new member of the Charleston Youth Company, and stage star....

you might get what you deserve!!


Joy Cometh in the Morning said...

Love this!! So reminds me of Austin. He would always turn every light in the house on when he was home alone, RUN to the car to get something if it was dark, check the door at night a million times. This used to drive me crazy until I deemed him "the protector". He also slept with the covers over his head up until... well, I guess the drill sargent probably took care of that!

sweston said...

First, Congrats Kartwright!!!! Secondly, this was the funniest story I have read in a long time.. I laughed so hard! Thank goodness you didn't get pummeled! That would have been one story to tell:) Hope you are having a great week.

char said...

not only does he have the bat... he knows how to use it... cute picture! char

Elise said...

That's so funny!! Super good thing he turned on the light, huh??