Monday, September 1, 2008

What does it take to make your 15 year old smile?

During our recent vacation to the Outer Banks, specifically Avon, the three oldest were searching for shells and fish under water with the aid of their goggles. I was just soaking up the rays, spying with the help of my camera lens to see what they were up to.

Haven was relishing being included, and the boys were horsing around...something about a fish in Dakota's swim trunks!

Suddenly Kartwright is excited about a find!

High fives all around!

If you didn't see the previous picture you might think they were doing some kind of crazy 60's dance!Kartwright immediately runs up the beach to share his big news.

New Oakley's, barely scratched.

It doesn't take much to please a 15 year old!


Kelsey said...

haha Gotta love the teenage mind!

Lisar said...

Great photos...and you have to love a great find....Kartwright looks very cool in his new sunnies!!

Sheila said...

Great Photos!
My son is 13 1/2 - I hope he is still this easy to please when he is 15!

Elouise82 said...

Nice photo essay! I love the "after" shot of the high five. Such fun!

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Oh how I am jealous of that beach scene. We never made it to the beach, this summer. Now it is over. Bummer. Your beach and water, looks wonderful. So glad you had the opportunity. Found you through the Blog Train.

Shannon said...

That is hilarious because I remember when my brother was about 15 he did the same thing and found some brand new Oakleys!!!