Thursday, January 8, 2009

jean patch applique tutorial

What is a girl to do when her favorite jeans get a hole in the knee? Until now, this hasn't been a problem really, as the girls seem to grow faster then their jeans wear out, and the boys, well holes are cool apparently. Kartwright did say though, when he saw this latest project, and I quote, "that is pretty legit". If you are unfamiliar with this phraseology, let me inform you. Legit, is short for legitimate, meaning, for real, unique, genuine. Used in a sentence..... You all are legit!

Soooooo, here we go, with said holey jeans.

Draw a picture of something you like, or copy a coloring book picture, or use one of your children's drawings. I drew an Owl, be sure it is big enough to cover the hole!

Get this stuff at the store. I found mine at Walmart, the brand name is Wonder Under by Pellon. I found it by all the interfacing, in the fabrics. It is paper on one side, and sticky glue stuff on the other. It is sold in yard increments. Buy extra, you will start wonder undering other stuff once you are hooked!

Cut out pieces of the wonder under just big enough for the pieces of your pattern, and iron them on to corresponding fabrics. Iron on wrong side, and follow directions that come with it. Basically, it is just dry iron, for a few big deal! (that red you see, is my ironing board cover)

Proceed to cut out pieces, using your picture as a pattern. You can trace design on the paper side.

Remove paper, (it just peals off), and place pieces properly on jean leg, covering hole. Then simply iron again. Use DMC, or embroidery floss to stitch the blanket stitch around each piece of the applique. Sew on buttons for eyes, embroider feet and beak, or any other embellishments you can think of, unless of course you are doing an airplane, or rocket ship, or skull and cross bones....then feet and beak would feel a bit out of place I fear.

Voila!!! favorite jeans have reached, "i will never take them off" status.


Michele said...

Love it! I've wanted to do some applique, but didn't know how to finish it off. The blanket stitch is perfect. Actually, it's legit!

Dawn said...

Very cute! Around here, we cut our holey jeans up into squares, until we have enough to make a denim quilt. Backed with soft flannel...they are my kids' favorites!

Lisar said...

Soooo cute....I would never have thought to do repairs always seem to be purely functional (ie boring!!!) Thanks for the inspiration. Lisa

Sugar Coma said...

Absolutely adorable. I wish I had that kind of talent.

Mette said...

Great Idea, Amy. Have a great Sunday.

TJ said...

What a cute idea!

faerieeva said...

Love the patch. So creative!