Friday, January 2, 2009

A sweet poem for all

I Must Be
I must be a Christian child,
Gentle, Patient, meek, and mild:
Must be honest, simple, true
In my words and actions too.
I must cheerfully obey,
Giving up my will and way:
Must not always thinking be
What is pleasantest to me:
But must try kind things to do
And make others happy too.
If a playmate treats me ill,
I must be forgiving still:
I must learn my lessons well,
Not my schoolmates to excel,
But because my hearts delight
Is in doing what is right.
And in all I do and say,
In my lessons and my play,
Must remember, God can view
All I think, and all I do.
Glad that I can know I try,
Glad that children such as I,
In our feeble ways and small,
Can serve Him who loves us all.
- Author unknown


Dawn said...

Well, thanks for providing our first bit of copywork and memorization for the new year!!
This will serve us well. And unfortunately, Mommy needs to memorize it as badly as the children do!LOL! We shall begin on the best day to begin anything(especially going on a diet)...Monday!
Have a great week-end! Dawn

Joy Cometh in the Morning said...

I agree with Dawn--memorization and copywork. I can just hear the girls now!! They really do like this kind of stuff.

Grace at Home said...

Sweet picture of Eliza Jane. I must admit, my first thought was copywork as well. hee hee
Dee (

Ginger said...

Well, I'm late posting and as I will be back at work Monday, I will likely post in the evenings.

What an adorable picture of Eliza Jane! And, the poem is priceless as well.