Tuesday, January 6, 2009

amaryllis love

My parents brought me this amaryllis bulb when they came for Thanksgiving. I love amaryllis. It is no secret that Winter is not my favorite season, and forced bulbs certainly help bring the spring back during the cold months! If you plant them in the ground after they have died back from forcing, they will double each year, and bloom bright, as soon as the warm weather permits. We had several in the front yard of our "old" house. I "planted" this one the day after Thanksgiving, and it is proudly blooming, at my kitchen sink. We have all enjoyed watching it grow. It happens so quickly, that you can almost literally "watch" them spring up! It took 39 days to go from dead looking bulb, to this fabulosisness! I have made a note on my calendar to plant some next year, so they will bloom in time for Christmas day. That means they need to be planted by November 16. That should be easy to remember, as that is my birthday!!

I have decided this year to write myself a letter about our Christmas 2008. I want to record for myself, those things about this season that we loved, those things that we didn't, those things that I wish I had planned for, those things I want to be sure and remember next year. The season always sneaks up on me, and when it is over I feel like we missed out on some traditions that I would love to experience. This way, around November of 2009, I can read the letter, and be reminded of what I might otherwise forget. This is all part of my quest to live more intentionally.

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Lisar said...

Hey Amy...these are one of my favourite flowers too...though we tend to call them Hippeastrums here in Oz....I have them growing in red, pink and white....they started off originally as one's which my grandmother grew....I'll have to email you a couple of photos of them....what a great idea to write yourself a letter....I must admit though, I sometimes cringe when I read things I have written in the past...I wonder whether I'll cringe at some of the things I've written on my blog LOL!! Hugs. Lisa