Thursday, February 25, 2010

linkage I wanted to share

I thought this was an interesting article, outlining our need for forgiveness.

I am reading this now, it is taking me forever, I am drinking in every word, and it hurts so good!

I would love to copy, I mean be inspired by, this wall tree, in our playroom. How super cute is that nest of birds??

Check this out, soon to come to a targe' near you!

Best birth story ever, and I am not even kidding. If you don't always LOVE birth stories, you will LOVE this one!

If I was a millionaire, and there was no such thing as a bad economy, or world hunger, I would so order this bag, because I heart it, and am possibly coveting at this very moment, but don't judge me!

If I were cooler, I would totally want this love seat, or want to cover my white couch something like this, but alas, I think I am way too conventional! I do so love it though!

There are more lovelies here.

I am thinking about painting my family room black, am I crazy? Perhaps I'm not all that conventional after all?


Lisar said...

What a great range of links to check the "patchwork" furniture, I admire the walls painted black...striking....but I don't think I'd be brave enough....and especially love the birth story....brought tears to my eyes....

Anonymous said...

Love that birth story. Thank you for sharing it. tammyp

thehomespunheart said...

Fabulous list! That line at Target looks great for Spring! Love the patchwork and those black walls are stunning! Have a great day!

Danielle said...

The book is going on my must read list. The birth story is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

joyinthejourney said...

I love the birth story too!! I'm such a birth story junkie.

I'm always so far behind decorwise. I'll probably like black walls about six years from now when its about to be "out" : )

Loved your links.

Mette said...

I love the couch, Amy. How are you...? I'm a bit busy. I turn 50 next Wednesday. I'm not going to have a big party, but I still have some planning. Hugs, Mette