Wednesday, February 24, 2010

when I grow up

Yesterday lying in bed with ElizaJane

EJ: Momma?

me: yeah baby?

EJ: I FINALLY decided what I want to do when I grow up!

me: really?

EJ: I am going to have a really big candy store that is attached to lots of other stores, and has a drive through!

me: That sounds like a great idea! I will drive through every day and buy candy from you.

EJ: I am only going to do that until someone falls in love with me.

me: you are just going to marry who ever just falls in love with you?

EJ: He has to be handsome!

me: giggle

EJ: well, there is the ring, he has to get a ring!

me: Well, you don't have to have a ring, but he has to love Jesus.

Ej: yes, he has to love Jesus!

me: and, he has to ask Daddy for permission.

EJ: he does???? I didn't know about that part?? and if Daddy says NO then he has to go away, and be sad. If Daddy says YES, then he can give me the ring....right?

me: right.


Karis said...

She's so precious, and funny and adorable!

I love the handsome part. She's a smart little girl!!

We went into a candy store today after ballet, and the lady that always works in there is just not very nice. Please tell Eliza that I think she'll be such a sweet candy store lady! I'm SO coming to buy candy from her!

Love and miss you,

joyinthejourney said...

That is so very sweet....every bit of it.

Anonymous said...