Thursday, March 3, 2011

"big girl" party

ElizaJane wanted a big girl party this year, and by that she meant she wanted to invite the big girls. She calls these girls her friends, and frankly they are! She met them all last fall at Kartwright's football games for our local Christian School. The school allows home schoolers to play for their team. Three of these "big" girls also go to our church, and they are all so very sweet to my girls. 

ElizaJane has never had a party with anyone outside the family, simply because we have moved around so much the last 4 years, it just hasn't worked out. This was a big deal for her. What began as a fairy princess theme, kinda morphed into just a colorful frilly theme. I found some  frog picture holders at Joann's fabrics, and painted them all the same. I then used sparkly letter stickers to spell out the girls names on card stock, and used the picture holders as place holders (they are on the far top left). Strips of pink, purple, and green tulle were tied in bows around each chair, topped with satin flowers I made to give the girls as favors, each was a different color. I backed the flowers with a pin and Velcro so the girls could wear them, or attach them to a head band, or their purses. I also used the tulle to dress up the chandelier along with tissue paper puffs. I found the tutorial on the Martha site. I used the frog place cards as a pattern to paint a larger frog on a canvas for the game, Pin the Crown on the Frog.  

We had lots of yummies to eat, including white chocolate popcorn, marshmallow fruit dip, and chocolate cupcakes.

The girls were game for everything on ElizaJane's agenda. They visited our chickens, jumped on the trampoline, walked down to the pond,and even danced, they were so sweet, and so much fun. This was a birthday that  she will always remember. I sorta slept through the dancing part, cause I may or may not have stayed up all night making everything perfect.

Thank you girls for making a little girls day. She loves you all so much!

Haven, Jocelyne, Jenna, Angelina, Peyton, and the birthday girl.

Happy seventh baby girl. You can stop now.


thehomespunheart said...

Very sweet! I love all of your decorations - just want to step inside the pictures!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet celebration! Beautiful job Amy! <3t

Danielle said...

That is so neat! I'm glad those "big girls" were able to have fun with it! That will be a great memory!

jb12 said...

it was our pleasure :)
and your decorating was so legit!

momof3girls said...

oh what a blessing for your daughter. The party looked like a lot of fun!