Monday, March 21, 2011

Our story part five

With out my knowledge, the man I would later learn preferred to be called Michael, had been sitting a few rows behind me in church for four weeks before our “chance” meeting at the sanctuaries front! He had been observing me, and trying to work up the courage to speak to me. In our brief conversation that day in the lobby of first Baptist, I learned he had quit the University to work full time on a real estate project of town homes there in Lexington. That would explain why I never met him all those cold mornings on campus, I thought. We exchanged very little information in our short dialogue, and he ended the pleasantries with “well, maybe we can have lunch sometime”. I remember walking away thinking to myself, how lame, lunch sometime??? Seriously? He is obviously not interested, lunch, nobody that says” let’s have lunch sometime” ever REALLY has lunch, and besides that, he doesn’t even have my number, how is he going to call me?

Eleven days later his voice was on the other end of the telephone line. He had spent the previous weekend at a Christian conference, and was anxious to share with me what he had learned. His voice was strong, and sure, and he talked as if he already knew me. "We can call him Abba Father” he explained with emotion, “that is like saying Daddy, Daddy, and climbing up into his arms of safety”, I remember his excitement. It was as if it was not really a new concept to him, but as if it had just become alive in his heart. I was hooked on his enthusiasm over a spiritual concept, and blown away that he was so open and honest about his “experience”.

 Then it came... his invitation for dinner the next evening. My spirits shrank, I had already accepted a date with a boy for that night, “well” he rebounded quickly,” how about lunch?” Oh, how embarrassing, I had already agreed to tennis with Rob. I explained apologetically, then without hesitation, I invited him to join me for a college and career fellowship at the teachers house the next night, Saturday. He agreed, and we settled on a time for him to pick me up as I gave him directions to my house on Summerfield lane. I was so glad that my silly insignificant social schedule with those boys hadn’t prevented him from making plans with me.

Fridayflew by as I floated on cloud nine, and dreamed about my date with Mike. He was a great looking man, seemed to love the Lord, and wasn’t the least bit afraid to speak of it. By my account he was my dream come true. I couldn’t wait for Saturday night’s fellowship, so I could get to know more about this guy.

On that evening I chose to wear my black velvet Calvin Klein’s, and I remember spending a lot of time on my hair. I do remember that I wasn’t very nervous though, considering how excited I was. He came to the door just as I was pulling the baked beans I had made to bring to the fellowship, out of the oven. I noticed his bright smile as he entered the kitchen; he was so confident and friendly, as he chatted with my mom. He told me I looked nice, and his big brown eyes sparkled, then we were off, the two of us, and my baked beans.


Wife Of A Disciple said...

A nicely written piece. He sounds like a nice guy. I can't believe you didn't cancel with the other guy.....Prince Charming had arrived!!

Katie said...

I love hearing stories of how couples meet each other! I guess I am quite the romantic myself. :)

Have a great week! See you Tuesday.