Wednesday, March 30, 2011

She quotes

ElizaJane LOVES to quote movies.

Recently Michael and I and our three still at home children were in the car together. The kids were being a bit crazy, especially ElizaJane, and Michael got a bit stern. We were headed to a restaurant, and I'm sure visions of an uncontrolled 7 year old in a public place were flashing through his mind. He began to remind ElizaJane of how to properly act when we arrived. You must sit still he instructed, and speak quietly, no jumping or skipping, he reminded, and if you are spoken to, remember, look them in the eyes . Yes sir she respectfully responded in her trademark southern squeak, yes sir, yes sir, at each direction she responded the same. When he was done she added firmly and with the perfect low voice effect.

"all of my training has prepared 
me for this moment"
(BOLT by Disney)

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Danielle said...

Too funny. I'm wondering what your husbands response was!?!!?

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Katie said...

How cute! What did Michael say? It sounds like it is hard to keep a straight face sometimes when quotes like that come along. :)

Anonymous said...

I love it!! :-) <3 t

Melissa said...