Thursday, May 26, 2011

If you love snakes, then don't read this

Lumberjack boy is now the snake slayer.

We have chickens, eight little laying ladies to be exact, and apparently snakes love eggs. Recently Haven, our resident keeper of the hens, went to collect eggs as usual, and found this long guy coiled up in the nesting boxes with an egg sitting on top, as if to mock her arrival. My quick and logically thinking girl child immediately let the chickens out of their cozy cabin, and locked them out. She then opened the nesting box hatch with a stick (that she had previously slammed shut when she discovered the egg eater), left open the door to the outside, and ran to the house to tell her tale of serpent sabotage.

Do you like all my alliteration??? Don't you love words like alliteration, that sound like what they are. What is the word for that???? Oh, I should know that. help me out people.

Unfortunately, the soon to be snake slayer was not at home, and night fall was looming. My sweetheart was out of town, and I was left with two girlies that were very afraid for their chicken friends. ElizaJane proceeded to remind me of how Daddy had once retrieved a snake from the bird feeder, and then proceeded to fling the slithery thing up over the fence with a pitch fork. Apparently she gives her Mother a bit too much credit in the bravery department, and has also measured my love for our feathered flock inaccurately. I explained, that I would NOT be "taking care of" the snake, not then, well...... not ever!

In the morning the snake was gone.

Fast forward a week, and guess who was back for a fresh warm all you can eat EGGstravagant smorgasbord! The snake slayer made short work of the long fellow, and if you are wondering why it looks like he has no head,'s because the snake slayer doesn't like to take any chances!

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Danielle said...

Ewe! That was a big snake!

Anonymous said...

yay he got him! i dont mind snakes, but if they were getting my chickens i would want it dead also!

Sarah Elizabeth

jenna brown said...

onomatopoeia?? is that the word you were looking for? just a guess.

Ginger said...

Yes, onomatopoeia (I am an English major/teacher.)