Sunday, May 29, 2011

upward and onward

Kartwright graduated Saturday.

He was one of six beautiful people in his small homeschool ceremony, and they all did wonderfully. I had the privilege of spending a few hours every month for the last nine months, with the sweet mommas of these nice looking young people, planning every cookie, candle , and cake for the sweet ceremony that we all enjoyed this weekend.

All of the graduates professed faith in Jesus Christ, and a desire to serve Him in college and beyond. What a blessing that is to the parents, friends, and families of these seniors.

Kartwright was asked to give the invocation (opening prayer), and did a magnificent job. Each graduate also chose a mentor that prayed for and with them and their parents, during the service. Kartwright chose his friend, teacher, and pastor. As parents we also were allowed to present his diploma to him ourselves, which I found particularly meaningful.

Many friends and family joined us, and we were so glad they did. It went so far in making this day special. I can hardly believe Kartwright is done with High School, and let me just say that the makers of water proof mascara deserve a BIG chocolate something for their part in making my day.

Kartwright has truly been a joy to "teach", and I put that in quotes as he has for so long now taught himself. I have been purely a facilitator, cheerleader, and encourager. He is a very smart guy, and is already on his way to very big things for God's kingdom.
I love you big guy,
and I am so very thankful for you, and the opportunity to educate you at home all these years. 
 I will forever be cheering you on!
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Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kartwright and job well done Amy. <3 t

char said...

Oh I so love that you got to give him the diploma! Congrats Kartwright! and M & A! char