Wednesday, July 16, 2008

babies are better then freezers!

O.K., sooooooo Ginger is the mostest smartest and intuitiver then all the rest of yous. Congrats Ginger, it is a freezer!!

BBBBBBBUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! I will show you that later... as I have something far better that arrived, and kept me from blogging yesterday!

Rish Griffin Owens

My niece Ellen made me a great Aunt for the second time!!!! isn't he just the most precious thing you have ever seen?? This was taken just shortly after he was born, in the wee hours of Wednesday morning.

Their sweet family of two has now become three, Jamie, Ellen and baby Rish, what a miracle!

Here are the happy Grandparents!

and here is the great aunt!

I think we all look amazingly good for 4:oo AM don't you, and none of us got a lick of sleep in that waiting room!

Here is the sweet bundle later that day.

Thank you Lord for this little one, and for the blessing that children are.

Thank you for hearing our prayers for a safe delivery,

and most of all Father,

thank you for this new soul, that is baby Rish.


Ginger said...

How handsome and contented! He's got a great head of hair, too.
Congratulations to your family.

About the freezer--you left some clues. I had to look at the space 3 or 4 times and think about it. It looks like it's right outside the door to the kitchen, there is not space for a long chest freezer but there is for an upright, and the BIG clue is that you cleaned the garage on Saturday and it was getting something on Tuesday. It sounded like a delivery date.

My parents have an upright freezer and I've said if my chest style dies that is what I will get. It is so nice not to have to bend over to dig for things.

thehomespunheart said...

Sweet baby! Yes, babies are way better than freezers! :)