Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Want to be smart and intuitive?

Michael and I spent most of Saturday cleaning out our garage, YUCK, is all I can say, not so much fun! Does anyone out there find it easier to clean if you are angry about something? I guess I shouldn't admit that, but it is definitely true for me, a little tantrum in my head about how unfair life is, and how unjust, and how this person or that person needs to know this or that, can really get the job done quickly. Sometimes just the fact that I am cleaning someone Else's mess makes me angry enough to finish a job in record time. I suppose the world might say that I am working out my aggression, and using it in a positive way, to accomplish a worthwhile task, I'm not quite sure what they would say, maybe they would just think I was a nut case, but I don't think the Lord is pleased with my anger no matter how I channel it. Just a thought.

This empty spot we cleared in our now orderly, and completely systematized alphabetically arranged garage (just kidding, I wasn't that angry) is going to get a surprise today. Can you guess what it will be? The first to guess correctly will get.................ummmmmm, I don't know... the first to guess correctly will get............let me think, ummmmmm.....I have nothing of value to give you, no gift certificates, no free subscriptions....I have nothing you want. How 'bout the first to guess correctly gets the satisfaction that they are a smart and intuitive individual who guesses things really well? Yes that is it, so guess, come on, and if you live in India and leave a comment, you will absolutely and unequivocally make my day. So guess!

Tomorrow I will reveal.


ginger said...

Amy, I would guess you're going to paint it, but of course that would mean you'd have to move things around again.

Lisar said...

I have absolutely no idea....I first thought of a refrigerator, or some shelves or....well only you know...and I'll know tomorrow...

Kelly McD. said...

Hi, Amy:
I think that is the place where you will hang your new scrapbooked canvas.

Yes, cleaning the bathroom is a great place to work out tension. My mother actually reminded me of this when I got married. She said, "Honey, when you've had it with him, you just get your clorox and scrub brush and head to the bathroom!"

Kelly McD.

P.S. I know you will miss Heather when she leaves. She's a great friend to many!

ginger said...

Amy, I read your comment on my fledgling blog. Thank you! Actually, I know you from CBC. Your son would say I am like you in that I don't smile much either, so when I read his comment to you, I recognized myself. Your family used to sit in our area in the old auditorium. I always admired how you had everyone together for church and you looked like such a wonderful family. I remember speaking to you when you were pregnant with Eliza Jane.

I don't know what direction my blog will take yet. I work, so I don't have a lot of inspirational things to say about the home like you and Monica do.

Ginger said...

Ok, I'm throwing out my earlier guess at paint and going to say an upright freezer.

Dawn said...

Well...I hope it's a shiny new convertible for you, you, you!!!

Am I Right? Huh? Huh?

char said...

Rats, I was going to say a car. How about a popcorn machine? People like popcorn. The neighbors would come with their hands hanging out in front of them like zombies.. dreaming popcorn dreams and only caring if you are handing it out in little bags.. or if they have to bring their own. :)