Monday, July 28, 2008

livin life

Well, I am back, after a week long hiatus. I would love to say that I have been vacationing on some remote tropical island or enjoying some far away exotic country, but I have just been livin life.

Last week Friday we drove to Thomasville Georgia to see our oldest do this.

He just looks so big out there!

While we did this, it was 167 degrees. Well almost!

and afterwards at the hotel room the kids did this.

Sunday early we left there to go to Berry College in Macon Georgia to take son number two to


Tuesday the girls and I drove to Lexington to visit sweet baby, and new second cousin, and great nephew Rish and do this

and to go see the new Kit an American Girl movie with Grandma Cliff, and wish her a very happy 74th birthday, while she did this.

My sweet niece Hannah announced that we will all welcome another baby to the family come March. Her little one Ruby Ellen was so excited she did this.

not really, this was taken back in May, but it went so well with my format!

It was a very busy weekend, and the week was very sad without our Kartwright. Boy, I sure did miss that boy!!!! He had a wonderful time, and was full of fun stories, and new knowledge. One that especially warmed my heart.

They interviewed him on camera for the camp promotional video, and basically told him what they wanted him to talk about. "say this was the best week of your life" the interviewer coached. "no" Kartwright refused, "why not?" the staff questioned. "I have spent the last 15 years with my parents and family, and the people I love most in the world, do you really think this was the best week of my life?".

You go boy!

A bit cocky I suppose, but appreciated none the less!

So glad you are HOME!


Lisar said...

Love this post...sounds like it's been a very busy couple of weeks.....Welcome back to blogland've been missed... blessings, Lisa

sweston said...

Glad you are back. Missed you. It looks like you guys had a great time.

Dawn said...

I absolutely LOVE the hotel room picture. That's my favorite.
We picked Thomas up from the airport last Thursday after his trip to South Africa. Within 45 seconds of him sitting down on a bench, he had 2 kids on his lap, and the others all pressed in to his sides. It was beautiful. Big brother adoration is a special thing.

Been missing your blogging.