Monday, December 28, 2009

Cool Created Critters

Ever seen a stick bug? He really looked like a stick! He's smiling for the camera, can you tell? Kartwright found him in the barn, just minding his own business. His hide was brown and sharp, and his form was more like a stick then a...well, more like a stick then a stick! He moved methodically, and with purpose, curiously investigating every turn.
A few weeks back Dakota found a nest of black widow spiders....I know, creepy. They were just a chillin in a pile of rocks under a tree in our side yard. His dad had asked him to remove the rocks...the rocks will now remain! Dakota carefully captured the first, before he discovered there were many. Her shell was as shiny as patent leather, and her back side was emblazoned with a blood red hourglass, making her identity unmistakable.
There was a praying Mantis in our hallway last month. He was beautiful, and graceful, green as a brand new leaf in spring, with long dainty feelers, and tiny strong legs. His hands were prayerfully arched beneath his chin, as if to thank God for such a fitting name.
The pine trees that regally guard our property are home to many a daddy long leg spider. They find their way to the corners of our rooms, were they quietly weave frothy white webs, in hopes of raising a brood of equally long legged offspring. Grandpa says if you pick up a daddy long leg, he will point you to where your cows are. We would test his theory if only we had cows!
All these critters, and more, point me to a Creator of wondrous and endless imagination! If all of them have been created with such care and cunning, none without purpose or reason, then how much more are we!
Seen any cool critters recently?


Ginger said...

Should I tell what my dog does with ground moles he digs up? Nah--too gruesome

Joy Cometh in the Morning said...

I'm gonna see if the grand daddy long legs really point to the cows later on when it warms up! :))

char said...

Looked through all 14 of your last posts... love the pictorial view of your Dec... rejoice! love you char

joyinthejourney said...

I just showed max your stick bug and he likes it. He thinks its cool, but he REALLY DOES NOT want to hold it. Just in case you were wondering: )

The Family Stone said...

what an amazing way to look at it! I have just found your blog, but I will be back for more. You have inspired me to look for the good, the God, in everything!

LeonardoFTocco said...
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