Saturday, December 19, 2009


Michael (Daddy): What ya want fir Christmas darlin?
ElizaJane: A Chinese American Girl doll!
Daddy: A Chinese American Girl doll? You never said anything about that!
ElizaJane: I forgot!
Daddy: What else?
ElizaJane: uuuummmmm, a hamster, aaaaannnnnnddd A REAL DEER!
Daddy: HAHA okay.....hahahaha I'll get right on that!


joyinthejourney said...

She is precious. That little face is soooo sweet.

HAHA---That's so funny when they come up with a secret list a couple of days before Christmas. I love it. Too bad we don't still have the kittens Richard "gave away". They kinda looked like hamsters.

Ginger said...

EJ is just precious! I remember the hamster phase well. Nutshell: We didn't know it was pregnant when we got it; it had 7 or 8 babies; I took them to school; some kids took some home; the ones at school went to the science teacher, reproduced, and the daddy ate the babies (bloody story). The two I had at home in separate cages lived too darn long. I was never happier when the last died. I know, that's mean.

•Karis Brown• said...

I could totally picture this conversastion taking place!
Eliza is so cute, and Haven looks so pretty and grown-up!
Can't wait to hear about Eliza's real deer!

Dawn said...

When John sat on the red-suited guy's lap at the zoo the other night, he told the red-suited guy that he wanted ice skates. Um, yeah. skates in the deep south. Not to mention that the words ice skates have never come out of the child's mouth. Sooo...he's getting the bb gun he's been talking about non-stop for months. He better be happy, so help me. LOLOL!!
PS-Ginger, that was hi-la-ri-ous!!

Mette said...

How cute, Amy. I love the wishlist kids can have. I hope, you are having a great Holiday time.