Thursday, December 24, 2009


When the boys were small we started a tradition of letting them open the gifts they chose for each other on Christmas Eve. It was originally established to keep them occupied so that I could do some last minute preparations, and so that Christmas Eve wasn't nearly so painful.They learned quickly to choose a gift the other would enjoy all day. When they were small boys it was often GI Joes, or legos that they selected, something they could play with together. As they grew they often picked books, or video games, or movies. Now this tradition includes their sisters, and it has become quite a production. They each have 3 siblings, so they each get 3 gifts.

Polly Pockets have replaced GI Joes, and ElizaJane was very pleased!
She was super excited, super happy with her gifts, and super thankful!
She was basically just super!
We decided that watching her was more fun then getting gifts ourselves.

Movies and video games have to be disguised in differently shaped boxes.

Haven got the sewing basket that she wanted, from her brother Kartwright.
ORGANIZATION is her middle name!

Dakota got a Braves beanie (hat) from ElizaJane.
He was just saying earlier this morning that he needed one.

I finished up the girls Christmas nightgowns and robes just in time.
Tonight we get Chinese take-out....another crazy Christmas Eve tradition at our house.

I'll be taking a bit of a break from blogging for the next few days..

I wish you the sweetest of Christmases, and that the true meaning of Christmas, the perfect baby Jesus, who came to seek and to save you, will be alive in your heart, and life, for the new year to come!
Merry Christmas


Lisar said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family Amy....hope it's good one and that your New Year is filled with God's richest Blessings.

Danielle said...

What a fun tradition! Love the sewing basket...and the nightgown/robes are beautiful!

Merry Christmas!

joyinthejourney said...

I love the Chinese take out tradition!! I need to work that one in somewhere..hmmm....maybe day after Christmas: )
Haven's basket is so pretty too.