Tuesday, July 20, 2010


When I was in first grade I cut my hair short because I wanted to look just like my sister Angie. She was 9 years older then me, and I thought she hung the moon. The kids at school called me "The Fonz" after swimming class because it was all slicked back. Remember Happy Days, with Henry Winkler? After swimming each day we walked from the high school pool across the street, back to our elementary school room with wet hair. Did I mention I am from Michigan?

My big sis even let me dress like her. We had matching black Patent leather wedges with tear drop cut-outs and double buckle closures . The epitome of early seventies style. She was a high school senior, I was too young to even be considered a junior teenybopper, I loved those shoes!
Her best friend Loni, who always smelled like Johnson's baby powder, had the same shoes.
They were hip, I was by association also hip, well, as hip as a little girl with Fonzie hair, and two inch wedges could be.
I cried when I outgrew those shoes.

When I was in the fifth grade I wanted a certain kind of boots. There was a new girl at school named Beth James, and she had the boots, and so did Cindy Cleveland the "cool girl". Well, my mom wouldn't buy me those certain boots, because there were some very similar at Thrifty acres, with a much smaller price tag. I didn't want the knock offs, I wanted the real deal, and if I couldn't have the real deal boots, then gosh darn it, I would just wear my shoes. All year my Mom let me trudge through the snow (uphill both ways) in my less then water proof suede shoes, because I was too proud to wear "fake" boots. Did I mention that I am from Michigan? I was not a brat, I was just fashion conscious!

Family made me feel secure and loved, I remember, and I am so very thankful.

Back to my sister...
She let me sit between she and her boyfriend at church every week, which at the time I thought was totally justified, but now, I'm like, what was she thinking....she must have really loved me?! He was also pretty fond of me, he told me complete bedtime stories in a Donald Duck voice. She and that boy later became man and wife, and that man officiated my wedding years later.

Family made me feel secure and loved, I remember, and I am so very thankful.

Sunday, a week ago, our new pastor (new to us, because we just found this wonderful church family), honored two couples in the congregation that were celebrating their 50 year wedding anniversaries. They stood in front of the church, and we stood and clapped, and tears welled up as our pastor prayed a prayer of remembrance. It was a heart felt, soul filled, personal prayer, remembering all the Lord had brought he and his wife through.....in essence, all He has brought us all through. After, while the congregation sang, I watched as the two older couples tenderly walked back to their seats ...hand in hand. Pastor Greg slipped over to whisper a quick word to his wife seated on the front row, and he wiped her tears. I wondered what her tears were for, as my own sweet companion squeezed my hand, knowing the cause of mine.

Family makes me feel secure and loved, I remember, and I am so very thankful.

I read an article recently that was arguing for the nullification of marriage. Apparently, according to said article, young women today no longer see the need for marriage. "Gone are the days" it stated "when women need men." I beg to differ. I need my man, and frankly, he needs me. Could we function without one another? for sure (with God's help)! but, God ordained marriage, He invented it! Marriage is a beautiful thing, it is the beginning of family. He is the beginning of family.

Family makes me feel secure and loved, I remember, and I'm so very thankful.

Now ElizaJane my first grader often sits between her oldest brother and his bride. They are careful to welcome her when she slips behind her Daddy and I, while we stand to sing with the congregation. She slowly pops up between them, and they grin. Dakota lifts her gangely limbs into his safe arms so she can see over the crowd, and kisses her softly.

Family makes her feel secure and loved. One day she will remember, and be so very thankful.


Danielle said...

What a lovely post! I laughed and cried and was inspired:-) I didn't realize your oldest son was married!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you posted :-)!!!
You are so right about feeling loved and secure. Besides God making a way for me to be with Him, it is what i am most thankful for <3.

Erin said...

Beautifully said. God is glorified in a Christian marriage and it looks as though you've had examples of that in your life & are not an example for others. Thanks for sharing!