Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A very good day

Recently my littlest baby had a fever. We had just watched the movie Anastasia, which in hindsight was a bit too scary for six year old eyes. After some Tylenol melt aways, in grape flavour of course, I tucked her beneath crisp white sheets, and fluffy comforters.

"I sure hope that movie doesn't give me bad dreams" she whispered softly.

"Try to think happy thoughts as you fall asleep" I coached, "then you will have happy dreams" I assured her. "Think of your favorite day ever" I coaxed, giving examples of what I knew were good memories...."How about Disney World, or your birthday" I reminded "jumping on the trampoline, or playing in the park?" I suggested as we embraced and kissed.

Her raspy cold induced voice croaked quietly " I think I will think about the day I was born".

"Can you remember that day?" I implored.

"NO" her voice drifted as she nestled deeper into the soft quilt, "but I am sure it was a very good day!"

A VERY GOOD day indeed!


Lisar said...

What a sweet sweet thing to say...and how right your precious baby is...thanks so much for your comments on my latest lovely to hear from you...and a great encouragement too...blessing to you all...Lisa

Ginger said...

How sweet she would think of that

Anonymous said...

Oh my! How precious is that!! She is SUCH a doll! :-)

Danielle said...