Thursday, July 1, 2010

Intolerant commenter part 1

I recently commented on a blog, and got a bit beaten up for it.

I thought is was a harmless comment really, just stating the obvious I thought. I was actually addressing another commenter, lets call her Ms. Intolerant, just because I don't know her real name. You see, Ms. Intolerant had addressed a different commenter, lets call her Ms. Oblivious. Perhaps I should start at the beginning.

The blogger I was reading is a fantastic writer. I have only read a few of her posts, but she is very funny, as well as insightful, and can make the most mundane of events interesting. This particular post was about a dream she had, and a phone call she was anticipating, and an interesting study she had come across. The study was about if you condensed all the people in the world down to 100, how many would be American,male, or wealthy, or educated....etc. You know the kind if study I'm talking about don't ya?? These studies are always enlightening, because what we always learn from them is, that as Americans we are extremely blessed.

Well Ms. Oblivious commented just that, something about being blessed as a nation, which would make her not oblivious at all, but rather right on the money, but like me, I don't think she saw the tornado of anger that would ensue. Ms. Intolerant took offense to her using that word, blessed. She chided Ms. Oblivious, and explained that the word "blessed" has a certain connotation to it, implying perhaps that God somehow loves us here in the US more then he loves other countries. She didn't want people to use the word blessed. She said she didn't think God noticed map boundaries.

Well, like I said I too commented.

I complimented the blogger, thanked her for her post, and then I stated,

hold on to your hats here,
this is really controversial,

I almost feel like I should whisper it, since it created such a fire storm last time.

I stated that "America is blessed, not because God loves us more, but because our country was founded on Christian principles. It is a cause and effect thing."

oooooooo doggies, another commenter Ms. Semantics I'll call her, did not like that, not one bit, and she let that be known! She argued that our country was founded on freedom, not Christianity! other commenters also joined the throng. Mr. Rude resorted to making fun of my name "a snip of goodness?" he wrote, not sure what that meant, but it was as if because he didn't like my name, then my comment was invalid. Then of course in these discussions there is always a Ms. Irrelevant, I didn't really get her point, first I was like huh? then I was like what? then I was kinda bored, something about Indians?

Because Ms oblivious used the word blessed, and I used the word Christianity, we were treated....well, lets just say, less then kindly.

let it be known, that the names have been changed to protect the unenlightened.

part 2 to come soon


Danielle said...

Yikes... you really did start something! Can't wait to hear the rest!

Joy Cometh in the Morning said...

Hmmm.. I can totally relate! Austin brought a girl home for us to meet. Well, she just happens to be Canadian and she just happened to go to church with us on the 4th of July. Of course the message was on the Christian principals that America was founded on and went on to say how America has been blessed... She was very polite when we discussed the message but I could tell she was offended.