Wednesday, August 25, 2010

beautiful day in town

A recent pretty sunny day in town was a sweet reminder of God's sweetness.
I love our new Georgian town, and her pretty downtown square.

The girls and I went for some yummy ice cream at a cute shop filled with old fashioned candy, and fun signs all over the walls. My favorite was,

"There is a skinny girl inside me screaming to get out,
but I can usually shut her up with a few cookies."

I smile every time I think of it, so funny.

Isn't the sky glorious surrounding that pretty white steeple?

Thank you Lord,
for a sweet time in town with my sweet girls,
eating sweets,
and enjoying your sweetness.

What do you love about your town?
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Anonymous said...

I love that it is close to yours :-)!! And i love the slowed down feel, independent store owners, when ya go into a store down town they recognize you. The fact that my town is beautiful, i savor it when we walk there, or ride our bikes to down town. I love that it is old, beauty and arcitecture. I love our coffee shop (met a cool friend there, she was a stranger and a new comer, came to first love her there). These are just a few things i love about our sweet town.

Anonymous said...

I love that my husband and sweet children love our small town. I'm learning to love it too.
Jen Q.

Sean and Joli said...

Beautiful girls and beautiful pictures. I don't know what I like about Charleston. Maybe the old buildings and history. I cracked up at the saying about the skinny girl!!

Mariah said...

I love the "Cafe by the Lake" coffee shop in Wang Qang Park- it reminds me just a little bit of home!
The pictures of the girls were great...Thanks!