Friday, August 13, 2010

sweet submission

We had more tomatoes than we knew what to do with. Kartwright can only eat so many BLT's, and something had to be done before all that juicy goodness went to waste. What to do, what to do.... I know, I'll google it. What did we do without google? So, I feverishly typed in

How to can tomatoes,

and I found this gem of wisdom and knowledge. So, I got myself to the nearest best buy, and bought some canning jars, and jumped right in with much fear and trembling.

The tomatoes followed right along with me, and decided they too wanted to be saved and later enjoyed by our family, during the cold dark days of winter.

I was so glad they complied, even through all twelve minutes of hanging upside down. Sweet, sweet tomatoes I tell ya, and so very kind to go along with such a novice, in such a risky endeavor.

Aren't they so very beautiful all lined up in a neat long row in such sweet submission?
Thank you Lord for such wonderful bounty!
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Anonymous said...

Your jars of lovely tomatoes are beautiful!!! I love this post. Have you done any preserving in the past??? <3