Wednesday, August 18, 2010

sunshine and smiles

Do you love sunflowers like I do?
How can you not love them, they are just so cheery aren't they?
It is pure sunshine and smiles in flower form.

These are just a few that our garden produced,
and they make the yard so very happy.

I am crazy for the feathery edges of this beauty,
and her huge fuzzy green leaves.

These babies showed up quite by surprise all on their own, so sweet.
The bees love all these lovelies almost as much as I do.
Next year I am going to plant bag fulls of these ladies,
and everyone will call me the sunflower lady,
just like that lady in the children's book by Barbara Cooney
"Miss Rumphius' was called the lupine lady.
Watcha think, is that a cool plan or what?

If you haven't read that book to your kids, get it soon, it is a favorite at our house, and the illustrations are wonderful.

Have a humpday filled with sunshine and smiles.
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Anonymous said...

HI!! Your sunflowers are gorgeous! And yes i love Miss Rumphius too. :-) & <3 to you too.
Hey, when does K;s team start playin games. If J has off we would love to come see him play?!