Wednesday, June 30, 2010

sewing projects

I thought I might share some of my spring, and early summer sewing projects. I love to sew for the girls, there are so many pretty fabrics out there to choose from.

These were their Easter dresses, It had been a while since I smocked for them, these were both challenging patterns, but I got through them. The fabrics are identical Lily prints, in different color ways.

I am afraid you can't really see that these are orange polka dots on the aqua fabric. We love polka dots around here! Eliza thinks the pocket on the pants is silly because she can't put her hand in it. I think it's cute.

This dress I made for Haven reminds me of one I had as a girl, very 70's ish . She likes the sleeves, and brown is one of her favorite colors.

Haven loves to wear skirts, and I fell in love with all of these pretty flower prints. ElizaJane looks so feminine in this, and it's her favorite lavender color.

I also love rickrack! This tree print caught my eye in the fabric store, and I added the fabric "flower" to the yoke, and ribbons at the ankles. So cool and fun for our recent zoo excursion. I made Haven a little head band experiment to match you can see HERE. My girls both still like to match:)

There you have it. I guess it will soon be time to start some fall pieces.

Have you made anything recently??

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Mette said...

Wow, Amy, you have been busy sewing for your lovely girls. Can't wait to see your fall collection. Enjoy the holiday.

Ginger said...

They're gorgeous. My favorites are the '70s style dress and Eliza's pants sets. That's a LOT of sewing you did!

Anonymous said...

The only thing i have made is a friend! :-) You have amazing skills. I stand in awe. I am SO VERY intimidated by the sewing machine and the fact that i do not understand how to read a pattern!!ARG!! I love fabric though, so many delicious ones out there. I love the girls skirt and outfit on the beach. And Haven i am really beginning to love brown too!! So warm. Love the patterns and fabrics you choose for all. I do admire your abilities. And the fact that you WANT to sew and do that for your fam is the absolute best. Do you make things for yourself???? Do you have a serger?? I think it would be delightful to make napkins and such for gifts. Have you done such as that for gifts??? Look forward to seein what fall has in store :-). <3

Danielle said...

Everything looks lovely! The beach photo is a really good one!!! I hope to learn to smock this winter. Your girls are growing so quickly!

Chrissie Grace said...

WowWow, you are an amazing seamstress. I can quilt but I'm afraid of clothing patterns!:)

thehomespunheart said...

My favorite is Haven's 70's dress - but all of them are super cute! I haven't had much time to sew lately! :)

Lisar said...

Wow you have been so very busy with your sewing...I just LOVE all the fabrics you have used...and I see a few familiar ones!!! I think I especially love Eliza's pants set and the photo of the 3"girls" is just gorgeous...

SweetCaroline said...

Oh Mrs. Amy! You are so talented with your daughter's clothing and your photography.....:)

(by the way: the picture of you and the girls is awesome...ya'll look great!)